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Chapter 36.35 RCW


RCW Sections

36.35.010Purpose -- Powers of county legislative authority as to tax title lands.
36.35.020"Tax title lands" defined -- Held in trust for taxing districts.
36.35.070Chapter as alternative.
36.35.080Other lands not affected.
36.35.090Chapter not affected by other acts.
36.35.100Treatment of county held tax-title property.
36.35.110Disposition of proceeds of sales.
36.35.120Sales of tax-title property -- Reservations -- Notices -- Installment contracts -- Separate sale of reserved resources.
36.35.130Form of deed and reservation.
36.35.140Rental of tax-title property on month to month tenancy authorized.
36.35.150Tax-title property may be disposed of without bids in certain cases.
36.35.160Quieting title to tax-title property.
36.35.170Quieting title to tax-title property -- Form of action -- Pleadings.
36.35.180Quieting title to tax-title property -- Summons and notice.
36.35.190Quieting title to tax-title property -- Redemption before judgment.
36.35.200Quieting title to tax-title property -- Judgment.
36.35.210Quieting title to tax-title property -- Proof -- Presumptions.
36.35.220Quieting title to tax-title property -- Appearance fee -- Tender of taxes.
36.35.230Quieting title to tax-title property -- Appellate review.
36.35.240Quieting title to tax-title property -- Effect of judgment.
36.35.250Quieting title to tax-title property -- Special assessments payable out of surplus.
36.35.260Quieting title to tax-title property -- Form of deed on sale after title quieted.
36.35.270Quieting title to tax-title property -- Limitation on recovery for breach of warranty.
36.35.280Tax deeds to cities and towns absolute despite reversionary provision.