Chapter 35.07 RCW


RCW Sections

35.07.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
35.07.010Authority for disincorporation.
35.07.020Petition -- Requisites.
35.07.040Calling election -- Receiver.
35.07.050Notice of election.
35.07.070Conduct of election.
35.07.080Canvass of returns.
35.07.090Effect of disincorporation -- Powers -- Officers.
35.07.100Effect of disincorporation -- Existing contracts.
35.07.110Effect of disincorporation -- Streets.
35.07.120Receiver -- Qualification -- Bond.
35.07.130Elected receiver -- Failure to qualify -- Court to appoint.
35.07.140No receiver elected though indebtedness exists -- Procedure.
35.07.150Duties of receiver -- Claims -- Priority.
35.07.160Receiver may sue and be sued.
35.07.170Receiver -- Power to sell property.
35.07.180Receiver -- Power to levy taxes.
35.07.190Receiver's compensation.
35.07.200Receiver -- Removal for cause.
35.07.210Receiver -- Successive appointments.
35.07.220Receiver -- Final account and discharge.
35.07.225Applicability of general receivership law.
35.07.230Involuntary dissolution of towns -- Authorized.
35.07.240Involuntary dissolution of towns -- Notice of hearing.
35.07.250Involuntary dissolution of towns -- Hearing.
35.07.260Involuntary dissolution of towns -- Alternative forms of order.

Census to be made in decennial periods: State Constitution Art. 2 § 3.

Obligations of contract: State Constitution Art. 1 § 23.

Population determinations: Chapter 43.62 RCW.