Chapter 35.02 RCW


RCW Sections

35.02.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
35.02.010Authority for incorporation -- Number of inhabitants required.
35.02.015Proposed incorporations -- Notice to county -- Boundary review board hearing.
35.02.017County auditor shall provide identification number.
35.02.020Petition for incorporation -- Signatures -- Filing deadline.
35.02.030Petition for incorporation -- Contents.
35.02.035Petition -- Auditor's duties.
35.02.037Petition -- Notice of certification.
35.02.039Public hearing -- Time limitations.
35.02.040Public hearing -- Publication of notice.
35.02.070Public hearing by county legislative authority -- Establishment of boundaries -- Limitations.
35.02.078Elections -- Question of incorporation -- Nomination and election of officers.
35.02.086Elections -- Candidates -- Filing -- Withdrawal -- Ballot position.
35.02.090Elections -- Conduct -- Voters' qualifications.
35.02.100Election on question of incorporation -- Notice -- Contents.
35.02.110Election on question of incorporation -- Ballots.
35.02.120Election on question of incorporation -- Certification of results.
35.02.125Newly incorporated city or town -- Liability for costs of elections.
35.02.130Newly incorporated city or town -- Effective date of incorporation -- Powers during interim period -- Terms of elected officers -- First municipal election.
35.02.132Newly incorporated city or town -- Budgets.
35.02.135Newly incorporated city or town -- May borrow from municipal sales and use tax equalization account.
35.02.137Newly incorporated city or town -- Moratoria on development permits and approvals.
35.02.139Newly incorporated city or town -- First general election of councilmembers or commissioners -- Initial, subsequent terms.
35.02.140Disposition of uncollected road district taxes.
35.02.150Pending final disposition of petition no other petition for incorporation to be acted upon -- Withdrawal or substitution -- Action on petition for annexation authorized.
35.02.155Effect of proposed annexation on petition.
35.02.160Cancellation, acquisition of franchise or permit for operation of public service business in territory incorporated -- Regulation of solid waste collection.
35.02.170Use of right-of-way line as corporate boundary -- When right-of-way may be included.
35.02.180Ownership of county roads to revert to city or town -- Territory within city or town to be removed from fire protection, road, and library districts.
35.02.190Annexation/incorporation of fire protection district -- Transfer of assets when at least sixty percent of assessed valuation is annexed or incorporated in city or town.
35.02.200Annexation/incorporation of fire protection district -- Ownership of assets of fire protection district -- When less than sixty percent.
35.02.202Annexation/incorporation of fire protection district -- Delay of transfer.
35.02.205Annexation/incorporation of fire protection district -- Distribution of assets of district when less than five percent of district annexed -- Distribution agreement -- Arbitration.
35.02.210Fire protection district and library district -- Continuation of services at option of city or town.
35.02.220Duty of county and road, library, and fire districts to continue services during transition period -- Road maintenance and law enforcement services.
35.02.225County may contract to provide essential services.
35.02.230Incorporation of city or town located in more than one county -- Powers and duties of county after incorporation -- Costs.
35.02.240Incorporation of city or town located in more than one county -- Taxes -- Powers and duties of county after incorporation -- Costs.
35.02.250Corporate powers in dealings with federal government.
35.02.260Duty of department of community, trade, and economic development to assist newly incorporated cities and towns.
35.02.270Other local governments and state agencies -- May assist newly incorporated cities and towns.

Combined city and county municipal corporations: State Constitution Art. 11 § 16 (Amendment 58).

Fire protection districts, effect upon: Chapter 52.22 RCW.

Incorporation of municipalities: State Constitution Art. 11 § 10 (Amendment 40).

Incorporation proceedings exempt from State Environmental Policy Act: RCW 36.93.170, 43.21C.220.