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Chapter 34.12 RCW


RCW Sections

34.12.010Office created -- Conduct of hearings -- Chief administrative law judge, appointment, term, qualifications, removal.
34.12.030Administrative law judges -- Appointment and contractual basis -- Clerical personnel -- Discipline and termination of administrative law judges -- Civil service -- Rules for operation of office.
34.12.035State patrol disciplinary hearings.
34.12.036Landlord-tenant proceedings.
34.12.037Human rights commission proceedings.
34.12.038Local government whistleblower proceedings.
34.12.039Local government whistleblower proceedings -- Costs.
34.12.040Hearings conducted by administrative law judges -- Criteria for assignment.
34.12.050Administrative law judge -- Motion of prejudice against -- Request for assignment of.
34.12.060Initial decision or proposal for decision -- Findings of fact and conclusions of law -- Inapplicability to state patrol disciplinary hearings.
34.12.070Record of hearings.
34.12.080Procedural conduct of hearings -- Rules.
34.12.090Transfer of employees and equipment.
34.12.110Application of chapter.
34.12.120Appointment of chief administrative law judge.
34.12.130Administrative hearings revolving fund -- Created, purposes.
34.12.140Transfers and payments into revolving fund -- Limitation on employment security department payments -- Allotment by director of financial management -- Disbursements from fund by voucher.
34.12.150Accounting procedures.
34.12.160Direct payments by agencies, when authorized.

Bilingual services for non-English speaking public assistance applicants and recipients: RCW 74.04.025.