Chapter 28A.710 RCW


Findings2013 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 1240).
Charter schoolsParameters.
Charter school boardsPowers.
Charter schoolsRequirements.
Admission and enrollment of studentsCapacitySpecialized learning environments.
Enrollment options informationEarned creditsAccess to district-sponsored interscholastic programs.
Washington charter school commission.
Charter school authorizersEligibility.
Charter school authorizersApproval process.
Charter school authorizersPowers and dutiesDelegation of authorityAnnual reportLiability.
Authorizer oversight feeEstablishmentUse.
Oversight of authorizersNotification of identified problemsProcess for revocation of authorizer's authorityTimelines for actions.
Charter school applicationsRequest for proposals, contentCharter school application, content.
Charter applicationsSubmissionApproval or denial.
Maximum number of charter schoolsProcessCertificationLotteryNotice.
Charter contracts.
Charter contractsPerformance framework.
Charter schoolsOversightCorrective action.
Charter contractsRenewal.
Charter contractsNonrenewal or revocation.
Charter school termination protocolDissolution of nonprofit corporation applicantTransfer of charter contract.
Student enrollment reportingFundingAllocationsLocal levy moneys.
FacilitiesState matching funds for common school construction.
Calculation of certificated instructional staff service years.
Annual reportsRecommendation regarding additional schools.
Charter schools oversight accountCreation.