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Chapter 28A.710 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.710.005Findings -- 2013 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 1240).
28A.710.020Charter schools -- Parameters.
28A.710.030Charter school boards -- Powers.
28A.710.040Charter schools -- Requirements.
28A.710.050Admission and enrollment of students--Capacity -- Specialized learning environments.
28A.710.060Enrollment options information -- Earned credits -- Access to district-sponsored interscholastic programs.
28A.710.070Washington charter school commission.
28A.710.080Charter school authorizers -- Eligibility.
28A.710.090Charter school authorizers -- Approval process.
28A.710.100Charter school authorizers -- Powers and duties -- Delegation of authority -- Annual report -- Liability.
28A.710.110Authorizer oversight fee -- Establishment -- Use.
28A.710.120Oversight of authorizers -- Notification of identified problems -- Process for revocation of authorizer's authority -- Timelines for actions.
28A.710.130Charter school applications -- Request for proposals, content -- Charter school application, content.
28A.710.140Charter applications -- Submission--Approval or denial.
28A.710.150Maximum number of charter schools -- Process -- Certification -- Lottery--Notice.
28A.710.160Charter contracts.
28A.710.170Charter contracts -- Performance framework.
28A.710.180Charter schools -- Oversight -- Corrective action.
28A.710.190Charter contracts -- Renewal.
28A.710.200Charter contracts -- Nonrenewal or revocation.
28A.710.210Charter school termination protocol -- Dissolution of nonprofit corporation applicant -- Transfer of charter contract.
28A.710.220Student enrollment reporting -- Funding -- Allocations -- Local levy moneys.
28A.710.230Facilities -- State matching funds for common school construction.
28A.710.240Calculation of certificated instructional staff service years.
28A.710.250Annual reports -- Recommendation regarding additional schools.
28A.710.260Charter schools oversight account -- Creation.