Chapter 28A.655 RCW


Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
Washington commission on student learningDefinitions.
High school assessment systemCertificate of academic achievementExceptionOptions to retake high school assessmentObjective alternative assessmentsLocally determined coursesHigh school transition coursesInterventions and academic supportsStudent learning plans.
Objective alternative assessmentsReimbursement of costsTesting fee waivers.
Objective alternative assessment methodsAppeals from assessment scoresWaivers and appeals from assessment requirementsRules.
Statewide end-of-course assessments for high school mathematics.
Statewide high school assessment in science.
Essential academic learning requirements and assessmentsDuties of the superintendent of public instruction.
Revised essential academic learning requirementsLegislative reviewImplementation.
Essential academic learning requirements and grade level expectations for educational technology literacy and technology fluencyAssessmentsReports.
Washington kindergarten inventory of developing skillsImplementation and administrationWork groupReportsGrantsWaivers.
Washington assessment of student learningReporting requirements.
Students with cognitive disabilitiesAlternative assessment system.
Performance goalsReporting requirements.
Annual school performance reportModel report form.
Outreach and feedbackWorking groupModel feedback tools and strategies.
Accountability implementation funds.
Technical assistance.
Consolidation of requirements for categorical grant programsUse of electronic applications and reporting.
Waivers for educational restructuring programs.
IntentApple award program.
Norm-referenced assessmentsDiagnostic assessments.
K-12 education data improvement system.
Washington kindergarten inventory of developing skillsFairness and bias review.
Reading skillsMeeting for grade placement and strategies for student improvementExemptions.
Reading skillsIntensive reading and literacy improvement strategyCalculation of tested students at or below basic on third grade student assessmentState menu of best practices.
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