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RCW 27.12.270

Rules and regulations—Free use of libraries.

Every library established or maintained under *this act shall be free for the use of the inhabitants of the governmental unit in which it is located, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the trustees find necessary to assure the greatest benefit to the greatest number, except that the trustees may charge a reasonable fee for the use of certain duplicate copies of popular books.
[1935 c 119 § 13; RRS § 8226-13. Prior: 1909 c 116 § 9, part; 1901 c 166 § 9, part.]
*Reviser's note: Term "this act" was first used in basic act, 1935 c 119 and appeared in subsequent amendments. Chapter 119, Laws of 1935 was codified in RCW 27.08.010, 27.12.010 through 27.12.080, 27.12.180 through 27.12.210, 27.12.230 through 27.12.280, 27.12.290 through 27.12.320, 27.12.330, and 27.12.340.