Chapter 19.34 RCW


Purpose and construction.
Certification authoritiesLicensureQualificationsRevocation and suspension.
Expiration of licensesRenewalRules.
Compliance audits.
Qualifications of auditor signing report of opinionCompliance audits under state auditor's authority.
Licensed certification authoritiesEnforcementSuspension or revocationPenaltiesRulesCostsProcedureInjunctions.
Certification authoritiesProhibited activitiesStatement by secretary advising of certification authorities creating prohibited risksProtestHearingDispositionNoticeProcedure.
Licensed certification authoritiesRequirements.
CertificateIssuanceConfirmation of informationConfirmation of prospective subscriberStandards, statements, plans, requirements more rigorous than chapterRevocation, suspensionInvestigationNoticeProcedure.
Licensed certification authoritiesWarranties, obligations upon issuance of certificateNotice.
SubscribersRepresentations and duties upon acceptance of certificate.
City or county as certification authority.
Private keyControlPublic disclosure exemption.
Suspension of certificateEvidenceInvestigationNoticeTerminationLimitation or preclusion by contractMisrepresentationPenaltyContracts for regional enforcement by agenciesRules.
Revocation of certificateConfirmationNoticeRelease from security dutyDischarge of warranties.
Recommended reliance limitLiabilityDamages.
Collection based on suitable guarantyProceedsAttorneys' feesCostsNoticeRecovery of qualified right of payment.
Discontinuation of certification authority servicesDuties of authorityContinuation of guarantyProcess to maintain and update recordsRulesCosts.
Satisfaction of signature requirements.
Acceptance of digital signature in reasonable manner.
Unreliable digital signaturesRisk.
Reasonableness of relianceFactors.
Digital message as written on paperRequirementsOther requirements not affectedException from uniform commercial code.
Acceptance of certified court documents in electronic formRequirementsRules of court on use in proceedings.
Digital message deemed original.
Certificate as acknowledgmentRequirementsExceptionResponsibility of certification authority.
Adjudicating disputesPresumptions.
Alteration of chapter by agreementExceptions.
Presumptions of validity/limitations on liabilityConformance with chapter.
Recognition of repositoriesApplicationDiscontinuanceProcedure.
RepositoriesLiabilityExemptionsLiquidation, limitation, alteration, or exclusion of damages.
Confidentiality of certain recordsLimited access to state auditor.
Rule making.
Chapter supersedes and preempts local actions.
Criminal prosecution not precludedRemedies not exclusiveInjunctive relief availability.
Jurisdiction, venue, choice of laws.
Short title.
Effective date1996 c 250.
Severability1996 c 250.
Part headings and section captions not law1996 c 250.
Digital signature violations: RCW 9.38.060.