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Chapter 19.34 RCW


RCW Sections

19.34.010Purpose and construction.
19.34.030Secretary -- Duties.
19.34.040Secretary -- Fees -- Disposition.
19.34.100Certification authorities -- Licensure -- Qualifications -- Revocation and suspension.
19.34.101Expiration of licenses -- Renewal -- Rules.
19.34.110Compliance audits.
19.34.111Qualifications of auditor signing report of opinion -- Compliance audits under state auditor's authority.
19.34.120Licensed certification authorities -- Enforcement -- Suspension or revocation -- Penalties -- Rules -- Costs -- Procedure -- Injunctions.
19.34.130Certification authorities -- Prohibited activities -- Statement by secretary advising of certification authorities creating prohibited risks -- Protest -- Hearing -- Disposition -- Notice -- Procedure.
19.34.200Licensed certification authorities -- Requirements.
19.34.210Certificate -- Issuance--Confirmation of information -- Confirmation of prospective subscriber -- Standards, statements, plans, requirements more rigorous than chapter -- Revocation, suspension -- Investigation -- Notice -- Procedure.
19.34.220Licensed certification authorities -- Warranties, obligations upon issuance of certificate -- Notice.
19.34.230Subscribers -- Representations and duties upon acceptance of certificate.
19.34.231Signature of a unit of government required -- City or county as certification authority -- Unit of state government prohibited from being certification authority -- Exceptions.
19.34.240Private key -- Control -- Public disclosure exemption.
19.34.250Suspension of certificate -- Evidence -- Investigation -- Notice -- Termination -- Limitation or preclusion by contract -- Misrepresentation -- Penalty -- Contracts for regional enforcement by agencies -- Rules.
19.34.260Revocation of certificate -- Confirmation -- Notice -- Release from security duty -- Discharge of warranties.
19.34.270Certificate -- Expiration.
19.34.280Recommended reliance limit -- Liability -- Damages.
19.34.290Collection based on suitable guaranty -- Proceeds -- Attorneys' fees -- Costs -- Notice -- Recovery of qualified right of payment.
19.34.291Discontinuation of certification authority services -- Duties of authority -- Continuation of guaranty -- Process to maintain and update records -- Rules -- Costs.
19.34.300Satisfaction of signature requirements.
19.34.305Acceptance of digital signature in reasonable manner.
19.34.310Unreliable digital signatures -- Risk.
19.34.311Reasonableness of reliance -- Factors.
19.34.320Digital message as written on paper -- Requirements -- Other requirements not affected -- Exception from uniform commercial code.
19.34.321Acceptance of certified court documents in electronic form -- Requirements -- Rules of court on use in proceedings.
19.34.330Digital message deemed original.
19.34.340Certificate as acknowledgment -- Requirements -- Exception -- Responsibility of certification authority.
19.34.350Adjudicating disputes -- Presumptions.
19.34.351Alteration of chapter by agreement -- Exceptions.
19.34.360Presumptions of validity/limitations on liability -- Conformance with chapter.
19.34.400Recognition of repositories -- Application -- Discontinuance -- Procedure.
19.34.410Repositories -- Liability -- Exemptions -- Liquidation, limitation, alteration, or exclusion of damages.
19.34.420Confidentiality of certain records -- Limited access to state auditor.
19.34.500Rule making.
19.34.501Chapter supersedes and preempts local actions.
19.34.502Criminal prosecution not precluded -- Remedies not exclusive -- Injunctive relief availability.
19.34.503Jurisdiction, venue, choice of laws.
19.34.900Short title.
19.34.901Effective date -- 1996 c 250.
19.34.902Severability -- 1996 c 250.
19.34.903Part headings and section captions not law -- 1996 c 250.

Digital signature violations: RCW 9.38.060.