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Chapter 19.240 RCW


RCW Sections

19.240.020Unlawful actions -- Remaining value -- Lost/stolen gift certificates.
19.240.030Expiration date allowed, when.
19.240.040Dormancy or inactivity charge allowed, when.
19.240.050Expiration date allowed -- Donation to charitable organization.
19.240.060Expiration date -- Artistic and cultural organizations.
19.240.070Format of statement or expiration date.
19.240.080Abandoned gift certificates.
19.240.090Value of gift certificate held in trust by issuer -- Bankruptcy.
19.240.100Gift certificates issued by financial institutions -- Application of chapter.
19.240.110Agreement in violation of chapter.
19.240.900Application -- 2004 c 168 §§ 1-12.