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RCW 18.84.010

Legislative intent—Insurance coverage not required.

It is the intent and purpose of this chapter to protect the public by the certification and registration of practitioners of radiological technology. By promoting high standards of professional performance, by requiring professional accountability, and by credentialing those persons who seek to provide radiological technology under the title of radiologic technologists, and by regulating all persons utilizing ionizing radiation on human beings this chapter identifies those practitioners who have achieved a particular level of competency. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require that individual or group policies or contracts of an insurance carrier, health care service contractor, or health maintenance organization provide benefits or coverage for services and supplies provided by a person certified under this chapter.
The legislature finds and declares that this chapter conforms to the guidelines, terms, and definitions for the credentialing of health or health-related professions specified under chapter 18.120 RCW.
[2008 c 246 § 1; 1991 c 222 § 1; 1987 c 412 § 1.]