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Chapter 18.44 RCW


RCW Sections

18.44.021License required -- Exceptions.
18.44.023Multistate licensing system--Director's discretion.
18.44.031License -- Application, requisites.
18.44.041Branch offices -- Application to establish -- Requirements.
18.44.051Branch offices -- Issuance of license.
18.44.061Change in business location, office location, business name -- Written notice required.
18.44.071Escrow officer required for handling transactions -- Responsibility of supervising escrow agent.
18.44.081Escrow officer's license -- Application -- Form -- Timely filing -- Proof of moral character, etc.
18.44.091License -- Fees -- Renewal.
18.44.101License -- Retention and display by agent -- Termination -- Inactive licenses.
18.44.111Licenses -- Form and size -- Contents.
18.44.127Certificate of registration suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.44.131License application -- Issuance.
18.44.141License -- Duration -- Posting.
18.44.151License -- Expiration and renewal -- Fee.
18.44.161License -- Reinstatement.
18.44.171Engaging in business without license -- Penalty.
18.44.181Proof of licensure prerequisite to action for fee.
18.44.191Director -- Educational conferences -- Examinations.
18.44.201Financial responsibility -- Fidelity bond -- Errors and omissions policy -- Surety bond.
18.44.211Cancellation of fidelity bond or surety bond, or both -- New bond required.
18.44.221Waiver of bond or policy where not reasonably available -- Determination procedure -- Waiver period.
18.44.231Corporation for insuring where bond or policy not reasonably available.
18.44.241Waiver of errors and omissions policy requirement -- Criteria.
18.44.251Waiver -- Affidavit.
18.44.261Waiver -- Determination.
18.44.270Application of administrative procedure act.
18.44.271Waiver -- Certificate of waiver.
18.44.281Waiver -- Denial.
18.44.291Waiver -- Application by escrow license applicant.
18.44.301Prohibited practices.
18.44.305Financial interest in an escrow agent -- Prohibited practices.
18.44.311Prohibited employment practices.
18.44.400Records and accounts -- Segregation and disbursements of funds -- Violation of section, penalties.
18.44.410Powers of director.
18.44.413Informal settlement of complaints or enforcement actions.
18.44.420Investigation of violations -- Procedure -- Powers of director.
18.44.425Subpoena authority -- Application -- Contents -- Notice -- Fees.
18.44.430Actions against license -- Grounds.
18.44.440Violations -- Cease and desist orders.
18.44.450Referral fees prohibited -- Consumer protection act -- Application.
18.44.455Possession of property and business -- Grounds for director's authority.
18.44.457Possession of property and business -- Scope of director's authority.
18.44.460License suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.44.465Termination of license -- Effect upon preexisting escrows -- Notice to principals.
18.44.480Remedies -- Affecting corporate franchise.
18.44.490Authority to prosecute -- Grants of injunctive relief, temporary restraining orders.
18.44.500Committee to advise director -- Members -- Compensation and travel expenses.
18.44.510Compensation and travel expenses of committee members.
18.44.901Construction -- 1965 c 153.
18.44.902Short title.
18.44.903Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 245.
18.44.904Severability -- 1977 ex.s. c 156.
18.44.905Severability -- 1979 c 70.