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Chapter 17.24 RCW


RCW Sections

17.24.011Regulation of plant, plant product, bee movement, and genetically engineered organisms.
17.24.021Inspection and investigation.
17.24.031Determination of origin.
17.24.041Power to adopt quarantine measures -- Rules.
17.24.051Introduction of plant pests, noxious weeds, or organisms affecting plant life.
17.24.061Protection of privileged or confidential information -- Procedure -- Notice -- Declaratory judgment.
17.24.071Compliance agreements.
17.24.081Prohibited acts.
17.24.091Impound and disposition.
17.24.100Penalties -- Second and subsequent offenses.
17.24.101Statewide survey and control activity.
17.24.111Director's cooperation with other agencies.
17.24.121Acquisition of lands, water supply, or other properties for quarantine locations.
17.24.131Requested inspections -- Fee for service--Disbursements in lieu of fee.
17.24.141Penalties -- Criminal and civil penalty.
17.24.151Violations -- Costs of control.
17.24.161Funds for technical and scientific services.
17.24.171Determination of imminent danger of infestation of plant pests or plant diseases -- Emergency measures -- Conditions -- Procedures.
17.24.210Indemnity contracts for damages resulting from prevention, control, or eradication measures -- Authorized -- Conditions.
17.24.220Sudden oak death syndrome -- Coordinated response effort.
17.24.900Captions not law -- 1991 c 257.

Horticultural pests and diseases: Chapter 15.08 RCW.