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RCW 17.10.180

Hearing on liability for expense of control—Notice—Review.

Any owner, upon request pursuant to the rules and regulation of the county noxious weed control board, is entitled to a hearing before the board on any charge or cost for which the owner is alleged to be liable pursuant to RCW 17.10.170 or 17.10.210. The board shall send notice by certified mail within thirty days, to each owner at the owner's last known address, as to any charge or cost and as to his or her right of a hearing. The hearing shall be scheduled within forty-five days of notification. Any determination or final action by the board is subject to judicial review by a proceeding in the superior court in the county in which the property is located, and the court has original jurisdiction to determine any suit brought by the owner to recover damages allegedly suffered on account of control work negligently performed: PROVIDED, That no stay or injunction shall lie to delay any control work subsequent to notice given pursuant to RCW 17.10.160 or pursuant to an order under RCW 17.10.210.
[1997 c 353 § 22; 1987 c 438 § 19; 1969 ex.s. c 113 § 18.]