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Chapter 11.88 RCW


RCW Sections

11.88.005Legislative intent.
11.88.008"Professional guardian" defined.
11.88.010Authority to appoint guardians -- Definitions -- Venue -- Nomination by principal.
11.88.030Petition -- Contents -- Hearing.
11.88.040Notice and hearing, when required -- Service -- Procedure.
11.88.045Legal counsel and jury trial -- Proof -- Medical report -- Examinations -- Waiver.
11.88.080Guardians nominated by will or durable power of attorney.
11.88.090Guardian ad litem -- Mediation -- Appointment -- Qualifications -- Notice of and statement by guardian ad litem -- Hearing and notice -- Attorneys' fees and costs -- Registry -- Duties -- Report -- Responses -- Fee.
11.88.093Ex parte communications -- Removal.
11.88.095Disposition of guardianship petition.
11.88.097Guardian ad litem -- Fees.
11.88.100Oath and bond of guardian or limited guardian.
11.88.105Reduction in amount of bond.
11.88.107When bond not required.
11.88.110Law on executors' and administrators' bonds applicable.
11.88.115Notice to department of revenue.
11.88.120Modification or termination of guardianship -- Procedure.
11.88.125Standby limited guardian or limited guardian.
11.88.127Guardianship -- Incapacitated person -- Letters of guardianship.
11.88.130Transfer of jurisdiction and venue.
11.88.140Termination of guardianship or limited guardianship.
11.88.150Administration of deceased incapacitated person's estate.
11.88.160Guardianships involving veterans.
11.88.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Rules of court: Guardians
   capacity to sue: CR 17.
   judgment for and settlement of claims of minors: SPR 98.16W.
   probate proceedings, application for fee, notice: SPR 98.12W.
   suit in own name: CR 17.

Allowing child to work without permit, penalty: RCW 26.28.060.

Bank soliciting appointment as guardian, penalty: RCW 30.04.260.

Costs against guardian of infant plaintiff: RCW 4.84.140.

Declaratory judgments: Chapter 7.24 RCW.

Embezzlement by guardian: RCW 9A.56.010(22)(b).

Eminent domain
   by corporations, service on guardian of minors, idiots, lunatics or distracted persons: RCW 8.20.020.
   by state, service of notice on guardian: RCW 8.04.020.

Excise taxes, liability for, notice to department of revenue: RCW 82.32.240.

Guardian may sue in own name: Rules of court: CR 17.

Habeas corpus, granting of writ to guardian: RCW 7.36.020.

Incapacitated person, appearance by guardian: RCW 4.08.060.

Industrial insurance benefits, appointment of guardian to manage: RCW 51.04.070.

Investment of trust funds, guardians subject to chapter 30.24 RCW: RCW 11.100.015.

Investments, authorized
   generally: Chapter 30.24 RCW.
   housing authority bonds: RCW 35.82.220.
   United States corporation bonds: RCW 39.60.010.

Jurors, challenge of, guardian and ward relationship ground for implied bias: RCW 4.44.180.

Lawful use of force: RCW 9A.16.020.

Limitation of actions by ward against guardian, recovery of real estate sold by guardian: RCW 4.16.070.

Mental illness, proceedings: Chapter 71.05 RCW.

Minor's personal service contracts, recovery by guardian barred: RCW 26.28.050.

Motor vehicle financial responsibility, release by injured minor executed by guardian: RCW 46.29.120.

Name, action for change of -- Fees: RCW 4.24.130.

Partition: Chapter 7.52 RCW.

Public assistance grants, appointment of guardian to receive: RCW 74.08.280, 74.12.250.

Real estate licenses, guardian exemption: RCW 18.85.151.

Savings and loan association, guardian may be member of: RCW 33.20.060.

Seduction, action for seduction of ward: RCW 4.24.020.

State hospital patients, superintendent custodian of estate: RCW 72.23.230.

Support and care of dependent child, liability of guardian, procedure, judgment: RCW 13.34.160, 13.34.161.

Uniform veterans' guardianship act: Chapter 73.36 RCW.

Veterans: RCW 73.04.140.

Volunteer firefighters' relief, appointment of guardian for firefighter: RCW 41.24.140.

Washington uniform transfers to minors act: Chapter 11.114 RCW.

Witness, guardian as: RCW 5.60.030.