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Chapter 11.12 RCW


RCW Sections

11.12.010Who may make a will.
11.12.020Requisites of wills -- Foreign wills.
11.12.025Nuncupative wills.
11.12.030Signature of testator at his or her direction -- Signature by mark.
11.12.040Revocation of will -- How effected -- Effect on codicils.
11.12.051Dissolution, invalidation, or termination of marriage or domestic partnership.
11.12.060Agreement to convey does not revoke.
11.12.070Devise or bequeathal of property subject to encumbrance.
11.12.080Revocation of later will or codicil -- Effect -- Evidence.
11.12.091Omitted child.
11.12.095Omitted spouse or omitted domestic partner.
11.12.110Death of grandparent's issue before grantor.
11.12.120Lapsed gift -- Procedure and proof.
11.12.160Interested witness -- Effect on will.
11.12.170Devise of land, what passes.
11.12.180Rule in Shelley's Case abolished--Future distribution or interest to heirs.
11.12.185Doctrine of Worthier Title abolished -- Exception.
11.12.190Will to operate on after-acquired property.
11.12.220No interest on devise unless will so provides.
11.12.230Intent of testator controlling.
11.12.250Gift to trust.
11.12.255Incorporation by reference.
11.12.260Separate writing may direct disposition of tangible personal property -- Requirements.
11.12.265Filing of original will with court before death of testator.