Chapter 10.95 RCW


RCW Sections

10.95.010Court rules.
10.95.030Sentences for aggravated first degree murder.
10.95.035Return of persons to sentencing court if sentenced prior to June 1, 2014, for a term of life without the possibility of parole for an offense committed prior to eighteenth birthday.
10.95.040Special sentencing proceeding -- Notice -- Filing -- Service.
10.95.050Special sentencing proceeding -- When held -- Jury to decide matters presented -- Waiver -- Reconvening same jury -- Impanelling new jury -- Peremptory challenges.
10.95.060Special sentencing proceeding -- Jury instructions -- Opening statements -- Evidence -- Arguments -- Question for jury.
10.95.070Special sentencing proceeding -- Factors which jury may consider in deciding whether leniency merited.
10.95.080When sentence to death or sentence to life imprisonment shall be imposed.
10.95.090Sentence if death sentence commuted, held invalid, or if death sentence established by chapter held invalid.
10.95.100Mandatory review of death sentence by supreme court -- Notice -- Transmittal -- Contents of notice -- Jurisdiction.
10.95.110Verbatim report of trial proceedings -- Preparation -- Transmittal to supreme court -- Clerk's papers -- Receipt.
10.95.120Information report -- Form -- Contents -- Submission to supreme court, defendant, prosecuting attorney.
10.95.130Questions posed for determination by supreme court in death sentence review -- Review in addition to appeal -- Consolidation of review and appeal.
10.95.140Invalidation of sentence, remand for resentencing -- Affirmation of sentence, remand for execution.
10.95.150Time limit for appellate review of death sentence and filing opinion.
10.95.160Death warrant -- Issuance -- Form -- Time for execution of judgment and sentence.
10.95.170Imprisonment of defendant.
10.95.180Death penalty -- How executed.
10.95.190Death warrant -- Record -- Return to trial court.
10.95.200Proceedings for failure to execute on day named.
10.95.900Severability -- 1981 c 138.
10.95.901Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Homicide: Chapter 9A.32 RCW.