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Chapter 9.94A RCW


RCW Sections

9.94A.015Finding -- Intent -- 2000 c 28.
9.94A.020Short title.
9.94A.035Classification of felonies not in Title 9A RCW.
9.94A.171Tolling of term of confinement, supervision.
9.94A.190Terms of more than one year or less than one year -- Where served -- Reimbursement of costs.
9.94A.340Equal application.
9.94A.411Evidentiary sufficiency.
9.94A.421Plea agreements -- Discussions -- Contents of agreements.
9.94A.431Plea agreements -- Information to court -- Approval or disapproval -- Sentencing judge not bound.
9.94A.441Plea agreements -- Criminal history.
9.94A.450Plea dispositions.
9.94A.460Sentence recommendations.
9.94A.470Armed offenders.
9.94A.475Plea agreements and sentences for certain offenders -- Public records.
9.94A.480Judgment and sentence document -- Delivery to caseload forecast council.
9.94A.500Sentencing hearing -- Presentencing procedures -- Disclosure of mental health services information.
9.94A.501Department must supervise specified offenders -- Risk assessment of felony offenders.
9.94A.5011Supervision of specified offenders.
9.94A.506Standard sentence ranges -- Limitations.
9.94A.507Sentencing of sex offenders.
9.94A.510Table 1 -- Sentencing grid.
9.94A.515Table 2 -- Crimes included within each seriousness level.
9.94A.517Table 3 -- Drug offense sentencing grid.
9.94A.518Table 4 -- Drug offenses seriousness level.
9.94A.520Offense seriousness level.
9.94A.525Offender score.
9.94A.530Standard sentence range.
9.94A.533Adjustments to standard sentences.
9.94A.535Departures from the guidelines.
9.94A.537Aggravating circumstances -- Sentences above standard range.
9.94A.540Mandatory minimum terms.
9.94A.555Findings and intent -- 1994 c 1.
9.94A.561Offender notification and warning.
9.94A.562Court-ordered treatment--Required notices.
9.94A.565Governor's powers.
9.94A.570Persistent offenders.
9.94A.575Power to defer or suspend sentences abolished -- Exceptions.
9.94A.580Specialized training.
9.94A.585Which sentences appealable -- Procedure -- Grounds for reversal -- Written opinions.
9.94A.589Consecutive or concurrent sentences.
9.94A.595Anticipatory offenses.
9.94A.599Presumptive ranges that exceed the statutory maximum.
9.94A.603Felony alcohol violators -- Treatment during incarceration -- Conditions.
9.94A.607Chemical dependency.
9.94A.631Violation of condition or requirement of sentence -- Security searches authorized -- Arrest by community corrections officer -- Confinement in county jail.
9.94A.633Violation of condition or requirement -- Offender charged with new offense -- Sanctions -- Procedures.
9.94A.6331Sanctions -- Where served.
9.94A.6332Sanctions -- Which entity imposes.
9.94A.6333Sanctions -- Modification of sentence -- Noncompliance hearing.
9.94A.637Discharge upon completion of sentence -- Certificate of discharge -- Issuance, effect of no-contact order -- Obligations, counseling after discharge.
9.94A.640Vacation of offender's record of conviction.
9.94A.645Civil actions against victims by persons convicted and confined for serious violent offenses -- Authorization -- Court may refuse -- Considerations -- Result of failure to obtain authorization.
9.94A.650First-time offender waiver.
9.94A.655Parenting sentencing alternative.
9.94A.6551Partial confinement as a part of a parenting program.
9.94A.660Drug offender sentencing alternative -- Prison-based or residential alternative.
9.94A.662Prison-based drug offender sentencing alternative.
9.94A.664Residential chemical dependency treatment-based alternative.
9.94A.670Special sex offender sentencing alternative.
9.94A.680Alternatives to total confinement.
9.94A.685Alien offenders.
9.94A.690Work ethic camp program -- Eligibility -- Sentencing.
9.94A.701Community custody -- Offenders sentenced to the custody of the department.
9.94A.702Community custody -- Offenders sentenced for one year or less.
9.94A.703Community custody -- Conditions.
9.94A.704Community custody -- Supervision by the department -- Conditions.
9.94A.706Community custody -- Possession of firearms, ammunition, or explosives prohibited.
9.94A.707Community custody -- Commencement -- Conditions.
9.94A.708Community custody -- Mental health information -- Access by department.
9.94A.709Community custody -- Sex offenders -- Conditions.
9.94A.714Community custody -- Violations -- Electronic monitoring program -- Immunity from civil liability.
9.94A.716Community custody -- Violations -- Arrest.
9.94A.722Court-ordered treatment--Required disclosures.
9.94A.723Court-ordered treatment--Offender's failure to inform.
9.94A.725Offender work crews.
9.94A.728Release prior to expiration of sentence.
9.94A.7281Legislative declaration -- Earned release time not an entitlement.
9.94A.729Earned release time -- Risk assessments.
9.94A.730Early release for persons convicted of one or more crimes committed prior to eighteenth birthday -- Petition to indeterminate sentence review board -- Conditions -- Assessment, programming, and services -- Examination -- Hearing -- Supervision -- Denial of petition.
9.94A.731Term of partial confinement, work release, home detention.
9.94A.734Home detention -- Conditions.
9.94A.737Community custody -- Violations -- Disciplinary proceedings -- Structured violation process -- Sanctions.
9.94A.740Community custody violators -- Arrest, detention, financial responsibility.
9.94A.745Interstate compact for adult offender supervision.
9.94A.74501State council.
9.94A.74502Compact administrator.
9.94A.74503Other compacts and agreements -- Withdrawal from current compact.
9.94A.74504Supervision of transferred offenders -- Processing transfer applications.
9.94A.74505Review of obligations under compact -- Report to legislature.
9.94A.753Restitution -- Application dates.
9.94A.760Legal financial obligations.
9.94A.7601"Earnings," "disposable earnings," and "obligee" defined.
9.94A.7602Legal financial obligation -- Notice of payroll deduction -- Issuance and content.
9.94A.7603Legal financial obligations -- Payroll deductions -- Maximum amounts withheld, apportionment.
9.94A.7604Legal financial obligations -- Notice of payroll deduction -- Employer or entity rights and responsibilities.
9.94A.7605Motion to quash, modify, or terminate payroll deduction -- Grounds for relief.
9.94A.7606Legal financial obligations -- Order to withhold and deliver -- Issuance and contents.
9.94A.7607Legal financial obligations -- Order to withhold and deliver -- Duties and rights of person or entity served.
9.94A.7608Legal financial obligations -- Financial institutions -- Service on main office or branch, effect -- Collection actions against community bank account, court hearing.
9.94A.7609Legal financial obligations -- Notice of debt -- Service or mailing -- Contents -- Action on, when.
9.94A.761Legal financial obligations -- Exemption from notice of payroll deduction or order to withhold and deliver.
9.94A.7701Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Petition or motion.
9.94A.7702Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Answer.
9.94A.7703Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Amounts to be withheld.
9.94A.7704Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Rules.
9.94A.7705Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Employer responsibilities.
9.94A.7706Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Form and rules.
9.94A.7707Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Service.
9.94A.7708Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Hearing -- Scope of relief.
9.94A.7709Legal financial obligations -- Wage assignments -- Recovery of costs, attorneys' fees.
9.94A.772Legal financial obligations -- Monthly payment, starting dates--Construction.
9.94A.775Legal financial obligations -- Termination of supervision -- Monitoring of payments.
9.94A.777Legal financial obligations -- Defendants with mental health conditions.
9.94A.780Offender supervision intake fees.
9.94A.810Transition and relapse prevention strategies.
9.94A.820Sex offender treatment in the community.
9.94A.825Deadly weapon special verdict -- Definition.
9.94A.827Methamphetamine -- Manufacturing with child on premises -- Special allegation.
9.94A.829Special allegation -- Offense committed by criminal street gang member or associate -- Procedures.
9.94A.831Special allegation -- Assault of law enforcement personnel with a firearm -- Procedures.
9.94A.832Special allegation -- Robbery in the first or second degree -- Robbery of a pharmacy -- Procedures.
9.94A.833Special allegation -- Involving minor in felony offense -- Procedures.
9.94A.834Special allegation -- Endangerment by eluding a police vehicle -- Procedures.
9.94A.835Special allegation -- Sexual motivation -- Procedures.
9.94A.836Special allegation -- Offense was predatory -- Procedures.
9.94A.837Special allegation -- Victim was under fifteen years of age -- Procedures.
9.94A.838Special allegation -- Victim had diminished capacity -- Procedures.
9.94A.839Special allegation -- Sexual conduct with victim in return for a fee -- Procedures.
9.94A.840Sex offenders -- Release from total confinement -- Notification of prosecutor.
9.94A.843Sex offenders -- Release of information -- Immunity.
9.94A.844Sex offenders -- Discretionary decisions -- Immunity.
9.94A.8445Community protection zones -- Preemption of local regulations -- Retrospective application.
9.94A.846Sex offenders -- Release of information.
9.94A.860Sentencing guidelines commission -- Membership -- Appointments -- Terms of office -- Expenses and compensation.
9.94A.865Standard sentence ranges -- Revisions or modifications -- Submission to legislature.
9.94A.8673Sex offender policy board -- Membership -- Expenses and compensation.
9.94A.870Emergency due to inmate population exceeding correctional facility capacity.
9.94A.875Emergency in county jails population exceeding capacity.
9.94A.880Clemency and pardons board -- Membership -- Terms -- Chair -- Bylaws -- Travel expenses -- Staff.
9.94A.885Clemency and pardons board -- Petitions for review -- Hearing.
9.94A.890Abused victim--Resentencing for murder of abuser.
9.94A.905Effective date of RCW 9.94A.080 through 9.94A.130,9.94A.150 through 9.94A.230, 9.94A.250,9.94A.260 -- Sentences apply to felonies committed after June 30, 1984.
9.94A.910Severability -- 1981 c 137.
9.94A.920Headings and captions not law -- 2000 c 28.
9.94A.921Effective date -- 2000 c 28.
9.94A.922Severability -- 2000 c 28.
9.94A.924Severability -- 2002 c 290.
9.94A.925Application -- 2003 c 379 §§ 13-27.
9.94A.926Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.