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Chapter 84.33 RCW


RCW Sections

84.33.010Legislative findings.
84.33.040Timber exempt from ad valorem taxation.
84.33.041State excise tax on harvesters of timber imposed -- Credit for county tax -- Deposit of moneys in timber tax distribution account.
84.33.046Excise tax rate July 1, 1988, and thereafter.
84.33.051County excise tax on harvesters of timber authorized -- Rate -- Administration and collection -- Deposit of moneys in timber tax distribution account -- Use.
84.33.074Excise tax on harvesters of timber -- Calculation of tax by small harvesters -- Election -- Filing form.
84.33.075Excise tax on harvesters of timber -- Exemption for certain nonprofit organizations, associations, or corporations.
84.33.0775Timber harvest tax credit.
84.33.0776Timber harvest excise tax agreement credit.
84.33.078Harvesting and marketing costs for state or local government harvests.
84.33.081Distributions from timber tax distribution account -- Distributions from county timber tax account.
84.33.086Payment of tax.
84.33.088Reporting requirements on timber purchase.
84.33.089Estimates of harvestable public forest land -- Adjustments.
84.33.091Tables of stumpage values -- Revised tables -- Legislative review -- Appeal.
84.33.096Application of excise taxes' administrative provisions and definitions.
84.33.130Forest land valuation -- Application by owner that land be designated and valued as forest land -- Hearing -- Rules -- Approval, denial of application -- Appeal.
84.33.140Forest land valuation -- Notation of forest land designation upon assessment and tax rolls -- Notice of continuance -- Removal of designation -- Compensating tax.
84.33.145Compensating tax.
84.33.170Application of chapter to Christmas trees.
84.33.175Application of tax -- Sale of land to governmental agency with reservation of rights to timber -- Conveyance by governmental agency of trees.
84.33.200Legislative review of timber tax system -- Information and data to be furnished.
84.33.210Forest land valuation -- Special benefit assessments.
84.33.220Forest land valuation -- Withdrawal from designation or change in use -- Liability.
84.33.230Forest land valuation -- Change in designation -- Notice.
84.33.240Forest land valuation -- Change in classification or use -- Application of payments.
84.33.250Forest land valuation -- Special benefit assessments.
84.33.260Forest land valuation -- Withdrawal from designation or change in use -- Benefit assessments.
84.33.270Forest land valuation -- Government future development right -- Conserving forest land -- Exemptions.
84.33.280Applicant for forest riparian easement program -- Department to rely on certain documents.