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Title 77 RCW

FISH AND WILDLIFE (Formerly: Game and game fish)


77.04Department of fish and wildlife.
77.08General terms defined.
77.12Powers and duties.
77.15Fish and wildlife enforcement code.
77.18Game fish mitigation.
77.36Wildlife damage.
77.44Warm water game fish enhancement program.
77.50Limitations on certain commercial fisheries.
77.55Construction projects in state waters.
77.57Fishways, flow, and screening.
77.65Food fish and shellfish -- Commercial licenses.
77.70License limitation programs.
77.75Compacts and other agreements.
77.80Program to purchase fishing vessels and licenses.
77.85Salmon recovery.
77.90Salmon enhancement facilities -- Bond issue.
77.95Salmon enhancement program.
77.100Volunteer fish and wildlife enhancement program.
77.105Recreational salmon and marine fish enhancement program.
77.110Salmon and steelhead trout -- Management of resources.
77.115Aquaculture disease control.
77.120Ballast water management.
77.125Marine finfish aquaculture programs.
77.130Disposition of unclaimed property.
77.135Invasive species.

Carrier or racing pigeons -- Injury to: RCW 9.61.190 and 9.61.200.

Control of predatory birds injurious to agriculture: RCW 15.04.110 through 15.04.120.

Coyote getters -- Use in killing of coyotes: RCW 9.41.185.

Hood Canal bridge, public sport fishing from: RCW 47.56.366.

Infractions: Chapter 7.84 RCW.

Operation and maintenance of fish collection facility on Toutle river: RCW 77.57.080.

Private business activity policy: RCW 42.52.570.

Volunteer cooperative fish and wildlife enhancement program: Chapter 77.100 RCW.

Wildlife and recreation lands; funding of maintenance and operation: Chapter 79A.20 RCW.