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Title 73 RCW


General provisions.
Veterans' relief.
Employment and reemployment.
Acknowledgments and powers of attorney.
Uniform veterans' guardianship act.
Veterans' memorials.
Colony of the state soldiers' home: RCW 72.36.040.
Estates of absentees: Chapter 11.80 RCW.
Firefighters' retirement, credit for military service: RCW 41.16.220, 41.18.150.
Liquor and cannabis board employment, veteran preference: RCW 66.08.016.
Mental illness, commitment: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
Militia and military affairs: Title 38 RCW.
Nuncupative wills: RCW 11.12.025.
Oaths, military personnel, who may administer: RCW 38.38.844.
Police retirement, credit for military service: RCW 41.20.050.
Professional, occupational licenses, moratorium: RCW 43.24.130.
Property taxation exemptions: RCW 84.36.030.
Public employment, veterans' scoring criteria status in examinations: RCW 41.04.010.
Soldiers' and veterans' homes and veterans' cemetery: Chapter 72.36 RCW.
State employees' retirement
credit for military service: RCW 41.40.170.
exception from membership: RCW 41.40.023(6).
State hospitals for insane, war veterans: RCW 73.36.165.
Statewide city employees' retirement, prior service credit: RCW 41.44.120(4).
Teachers' retirement, credit for military service: RCW 41.32.260.
Veterans' rehabilitation council: Chapter 43.61 RCW.
proof when witness in war service: RCW 11.20.040.
who may make: RCW 11.12.010.