Chapter 70.02 RCW


RCW Sections

70.02.010Definitions (as amended by 2014 c 220).
70.02.010Definitions (as amended by 2014 c 225).
70.02.020Disclosure by health care provider.
70.02.030Patient authorization of disclosure.
70.02.040Patient's revocation of authorization for disclosure.
70.02.045Third-party payor release of information.
70.02.050Disclosure without patient's authorization -- Need-to-know basis.
70.02.060Discovery request or compulsory process.
70.02.070Certification of record.
70.02.080Patient's examination and copying -- Requirements.
70.02.090Patient's request -- Denial of examination and copying.
70.02.100Correction or amendment of record.
70.02.110Correction or amendment or statement of disagreement -- Procedure.
70.02.120Notice of information practices -- Display conspicuously.
70.02.130Consent by others -- Health care representatives.
70.02.140Representative of deceased patient.
70.02.150Security safeguards.
70.02.160Retention of record.
70.02.170Civil remedies.
70.02.180Licensees under chapter 18.225 RCW -- Subject to chapter.
70.02.200Disclosure without patient's authorization -- Permitted and mandatory disclosures.
70.02.210Disclosure without patient's authorization -- Research.
70.02.220Sexually transmitted diseases -- Permitted and mandatory disclosures.
70.02.230Mental health services, confidentiality of records -- Permitted disclosures.
70.02.240Mental health services -- Minors -- Permitted disclosures.
70.02.250Mental health services -- Department of corrections.
70.02.260Mental health services -- Requests for information and records.
70.02.270Health care information -- Use or disclosure prohibited.
70.02.280Health care providers and facilities -- Prohibited actions.
70.02.290Agency rule-making requirements -- Use/destruction of health care information by certain state and local agencies -- Unauthorized disclosure -- Notice -- Rules/policies available on agency's web site.
70.02.300Sexually transmitted diseases -- Required statement upon disclosure.
70.02.310Mental health services -- Information and records.
70.02.320Mental health services -- Minors -- Prompt entry in record upon disclosure.
70.02.330Obtaining confidential records under false pretenses -- Penalty.
70.02.340Disclosure of information and records related to mental health services -- Agency rule-making authority.
70.02.350Department of social and health services -- Release of information to protect the public.
70.02.900Conflicting laws.
70.02.901Application and construction -- 1991 c 335.
70.02.902Short title.
70.02.903Severability -- 1991 c 335.
70.02.904Captions not law -- 1991 c 335.
70.02.905Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Record retention by hospitals: RCW 70.41.190.