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Title 70 RCW



70.01General provisions.
70.02Medical records -- Health care information access and disclosure.
70.05Local health departments, boards, officers -- Regulations.
70.08Combined city-county health departments.
70.10Comprehensive community health centers.
70.12Public health funds.
70.14Health care services purchased by state agencies.
70.22Mosquito control.
70.24Control and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
70.26Pandemic influenza preparedness.
70.28Control of tuberculosis.
70.30Tuberculosis hospitals, facilities, and funding.
70.37Health care facilities.
70.38Health planning and development.
70.40Hospital and medical facilities survey and construction act.
70.41Hospital licensing and regulation.
70.42Medical test sites.
70.43Hospital staff membership or privileges.
70.44Public hospital districts.
70.45Acquisition of nonprofit hospitals.
70.46Health districts.
70.47Basic health plan -- Health care access act.
70.47ASmall employer health insurance partnership program.
70.48City and county jails act.
70.48AJail improvement and construction -- Bond issue.
70.50State otologist.
70.54Miscellaneous health and safety provisions.
70.56Adverse health events and incident reporting system.
70.58Vital statistics.
70.62Transient accommodations -- Licensing -- Inspections.
70.74Washington state explosives act.
70.75Firefighting equipment -- Standardization.
70.76Polybrominated diphenyl ethers -- Flame retardants.
70.77State fireworks law.
70.79Boilers and unfired pressure vessels.
70.82Cerebral palsy program.
70.83Phenylketonuria and other preventable heritable disorders.
70.83CAlcohol and drug use treatment associated with pregnancy -- Fetal alcohol syndrome.
70.83EPrenatal newborn screening for exposure to harmful drugs.
70.84Blind, handicapped, and disabled persons -- "White cane law."
70.85Emergency party line telephone calls -- Limiting telephone communication in hostage situations.
70.86Earthquake standards for construction.
70.87Elevators, lifting devices, and moving walks.
70.90Water recreation facilities.
70.92Provisions in buildings for aged and handicapped persons.
70.93Waste reduction, recycling, and model litter control act.
70.94Washington clean air act.
70.95Solid waste management -- Reduction and recycling.
70.95APollution control -- Municipal bonding authority.
70.95BDomestic waste treatment plants -- Operators.
70.95CWaste reduction.
70.95DSolid waste incinerator and landfill operators.
70.95EHazardous waste fees.
70.95FLabeling of plastics.
70.95GPackages containing metals.
70.95HClean Washington center.
70.95IUsed oil recycling.
70.95JMunicipal sewage sludge -- Biosolids.
70.95KBiomedical waste.
70.95LDetergent phosphorus content.
70.95NElectronic product recycling.
70.96ATreatment for alcoholism, intoxication, and drug addiction.
70.96BIntegrated crisis response and involuntary treatment -- Pilot programs.
70.96CScreening and assessment of chemical dependency and mental disorders.
70.97Enhanced services facilities.
70.98Nuclear energy and radiation.
70.99Radioactive waste storage and transportation act of 1980.
70.100Eye protection -- Public and private educational institutions.
70.102Hazardous substance information.
70.103Lead-based paint.
70.104Pesticides -- Health hazards.
70.105Hazardous waste management.
70.105AHazardous waste fees.
70.105DHazardous waste cleanup -- Model toxics control act.
70.105EMixed radioactive and hazardous waste.
70.106Poison prevention -- Labeling and packaging.
70.107Noise control.
70.108Outdoor music festivals.
70.110Flammable fabrics -- Children's sleepwear.
70.111Infant crib safety act.
70.112Family medicine -- Education and residency programs.
70.114Migrant labor housing.
70.114ATemporary worker housing -- Health and safety regulation.
70.115Drug injection devices.
70.116Public water system coordination act of 1977.
70.118On-site sewage disposal systems.
70.118AOn-site sewage disposal systems -- Marine recovery areas.
70.118BLarge on-site sewage disposal systems.
70.119Public water supply systems -- Operators.
70.119APublic water systems -- Penalties and compliance.
70.120Motor vehicle emission control.
70.120AMotor vehicle emission standards.
70.121Mill tailings -- Licensing and perpetual care.
70.122Natural death act.
70.123Shelters for victims of domestic violence.
70.124Abuse of patients.
70.125Victims of sexual assault act.
70.126Home health care and hospice care.
70.127In-home services agencies.
70.128Adult family homes.
70.129Long-term care resident rights.
70.132Beverage containers.
70.136Hazardous materials incidents.
70.138Incinerator ash residue.
70.140Area-wide soil contamination.
70.142Chemical contaminants and water quality.
70.146Water pollution control facilities financing.
70.148Underground petroleum storage tanks.
70.149Heating oil pollution liability protection act.
70.150Water quality joint development act.
70.155Tobacco -- Access to minors.
70.157National uniform tobacco settlement -- Nonparticipating tobacco product manufacturers.
70.158Tobacco product manufacturers.
70.160Smoking in public places.
70.162Indoor air quality in public buildings.
70.164Low-income residential weatherization program.
70.168Statewide trauma care system.
70.170Health data and charity care.
70.175Rural health system project.
70.180Rural health care.
70.185Rural and underserved areas -- Health care professional recruitment and retention.
70.190Family policy council.
70.195Early intervention services -- Birth to six.
70.198Early intervention services -- Hearing loss.
70.200Donations for children.
70.210Investing in innovation grants program.
70.220Washington academy of sciences.
70.225Prescription monitoring program.
70.230Ambulatory surgical facilities.
70.235Limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
70.240Children's safe products.
70.245The Washington death with dignity act.
70.250Advanced diagnostic imaging work group.
70.255Novelty lighters.
70.260Energy efficiency improvements.
70.265Public hospital capital facility areas.
70.270Replacement of lead wheel weights.
70.275Mercury-containing lights -- Proper disposal.
70.280Bisphenol A -- Restrictions on sale.
70.285Brake friction material.
70.290Washington vaccine association.
70.295Storm water pollution -- Coal tar.
70.300Recreational water vessels -- Antifouling paints.
70.305Adverse childhood experiences.
70.310Labeling of building materials containing asbestos.
70.315Water purveyors -- Fire suppression water facilities.
70.320Service coordination organizations -- Accountability measures.
70.325Diesel emissions -- Air pollution reduction.

Asbestos, regulation of use: Chapter 49.26 RCW.

Autopsies, coroner cooperation with procurement organizations: Chapter 68.64 RCW.

Board of health and bureau of vital statistics authorized: State Constitution Art. 20 § 1.

Child labor: Chapter 49.12 RCW.

Civil defense: Chapter 38.52 RCW.

Control of pet animals infected with diseases communicable to humans: Chapter 16.70 RCW.

Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.

Dangerous caustic and corrosive substances: Chapter 69.36 RCW.

Department of social and health services: Chapter 43.20A RCW.

Electricians and electrical installations: Chapter 19.28 RCW.

Fire protection board, state: Chapter 43.44 RCW.

Food processing act: Chapter 69.07 RCW.

Health care service contractors: Chapter 48.44 RCW.

Health measures in public schools: Chapter 28A.210 RCW, RCW 28A.210.300.

Immunization program, local health department participation: RCW 28A.210.060 through 28A.210.170.

Industrial safety and health: Chapter 49.17 RCW.

Inhaling toxic fumes: Chapter 9.47A RCW.

Milk and milk products for animal food: Chapter 15.37 RCW.

Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debts -- Fees: RCW 19.16.500.

Regulation of passenger watercraft for hire: Chapter 88.04 RCW.

Rural public hospital districts: RCW 70.44.450.

Safety in coal mines: Title 78 RCW.

Safety with respect to electrical construction: Chapter 19.29 RCW.

Sale or gift of tobacco to minor is gross misdemeanor: RCW 26.28.080.

Sanitary control of shellfish: Chapter 69.30 RCW.

Social and health services, department of: Chapter 43.20A RCW.

State board of health: Chapter 43.20 RCW.

State coordinator of search and rescue operations: RCW 38.52.030.

State patrol: Chapter 43.43 RCW.

Water pollution control: Chapter 90.48 RCW.