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Title 64 RCW



64.06Real property transfers -- Sellers' disclosures.
64.12Waste and trespass.
64.16Alien land law.
64.20Alienation of land by Indians.
64.28Joint tenancies.
64.32Horizontal property regimes act (Condominiums).
64.34Condominium act.
64.35Condominiums -- Qualified warranties.
64.36Timeshare regulation.
64.38Homeowners' associations.
64.40Property rights -- Damages from governmental actions.
64.44Contaminated properties.
64.50Construction defect claims.
64.55Construction defect disputes--Multiunit residential buildings.
64.60Private transfer fee obligation act.
64.70Uniform environmental covenants act.
64.80Uniform real property transfer on death act.

Actions, where commenced: RCW 4.12.010.

Actions or claims arising from construction, alteration, repair, design, planning, etc., of improvements upon real property: RCW 4.16.300 through 4.16.320.

Adverse possession: Chapter 7.28 RCW.

Alien property custodian: RCW 4.28.330.

Attachment: Chapter 6.25 RCW.

Boundaries and plats: Title 58 RCW.

Cemetery plats, title and right to: Chapter 68.32 RCW.

Cemetery property: Chapter 68.28 RCW.

Commissioners to convey real estate: Chapter 6.28 RCW.

Community property: Chapter 26.16 RCW.

Conveyance of real property by public bodies -- Recording: RCW 65.08.095.

Co-owners, simultaneous death: RCW 11.05A.040.

Default in rent: Chapter 59.08 RCW.

Discrimination -- Human rights commission: Chapter 49.60 RCW.

District courts, proceedings where land title involved: RCW 12.20.070.

Donation law, conflicting claims: RCW 7.28.280.

Ejectment: Chapter 7.28 RCW.

Eminent domain: Title 8 RCW; State Constitution Art. 1 § 16 (Amendment 9).

Estates of absentees: Chapter 11.80 RCW.

Excise tax, real estate sales: Chapter 82.45 RCW.

Execution and redemptions, sales under: Chapter 6.21 RCW.

Executions: Chapter 6.17 RCW.

Federal areas
   acquisition of land by United States: RCW 37.04.010.
   jurisdiction in special cases: Chapter 37.08 RCW.

Federal property, purchase of: Chapter 39.32 RCW.

Federally assisted housing: Chapter 59.28 RCW.

Fences: Chapter 16.60 RCW.

Forcible entry: Chapter 59.12 RCW.

Foreign corporations: Chapters 23B.01 and 23B.15 RCW.

Forests and forest products: Title 76 RCW.

Geological survey, entry on lands: RCW 43.92.080.

Homesteads: Chapter 6.13 RCW.

Housing authorities law: Chapter 35.82 RCW.

Housing cooperation law: Chapter 35.83 RCW.

Indians and Indian lands: Chapter 37.12 RCW.

Intergovernmental disposition of property: Chapter 39.33 RCW.

Landlord and tenant: Title 59 RCW.

Legal publications: Chapter 65.16 RCW.

Legislative, special legislation prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 § 28.

   landlord's: Chapter 60.72 RCW.
   mechanics' and materialmen's: Chapter 60.04 RCW.
   orchard lands: Chapter 60.16 RCW.
   timber and lumber: Chapter 60.24 RCW.

Limitation of actions: Chapter 4.16 RCW.

Limitation on liability of landowners for injuries to recreation users: RCW 4.24.210.

Lis pendens: RCW 4.28.160, 4.28.320.

Mortgages and trust receipts: Title 61 RCW.

Nuisances: Chapters 7.48, 9.66 RCW.

Partition: Chapter 7.52 RCW.

Personal exemptions: Chapter 6.15 RCW.

Power of attorney, recording of revocation: RCW 65.08.130.

Probate and trust law: Title 11 RCW.

Property taxes: Title 84 RCW.

Public lands: Title 79 RCW.

Public lands, trespass: Chapter 79.02 RCW.

Quieting title: Chapter 7.28 RCW.

Real estate brokers and salespersons: Chapter 18.85 RCW.

Real property, false representation concerning title: RCW 9.38.020.

Recording: Chapters 65.04, 65.08 RCW.

Registration of land titles (Torrens Act): Chapter 65.12 RCW.

Rents and profits constitute real property for purposes of mortgages, trust deeds or assignments: RCW 7.28.230.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Act: Chapter 59.18 RCW.

Retail installment sales of goods and services: Chapter 63.14 RCW.

Separate property: Chapter 26.16 RCW.

Tenancies: Chapter 59.04 RCW.

The Washington Principal and Income Act of 2002: Chapter 11.104A RCW.

Unlawful entry and detainer: Chapter 59.16 RCW.

Validity of agreement to indemnify against liability for negligence relative to construction or improvement of real property: RCW 4.24.115.

Water rights: Title 90 RCW.