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Title 59 RCW


Default in rent of forty dollars or less.
Forcible entry and forcible and unlawful detainer.
Unlawful entry and detainer.
Residential landlord-tenant act.
Manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant act.
Mobile home relocation assistance.
Office of mobile/manufactured home relocation assistanceResident-owned mobile home parks.
Rental security deposit guarantee program.
Federally assisted housing.
Manufactured/mobile home communitiesDispute resolution and registration.
Acknowledgments: Chapter 64.08 RCW.
Action to recover real property, jury trial: RCW 4.40.060.
Adverse possession: Chapter 7.28 RCW.
Boundaries and plats: Title 58 RCW.
County property, sales, leases, etc.: Chapter 36.34 RCW.
Ejectment and quieting title: Chapter 7.28 RCW.
Executions, sale of short term leasehold absolute: RCW 6.21.080.
Gambling on leased premises, action to recover: RCW 4.24.080 and 4.24.090.
Housing authorities law: Chapter 35.82 RCW.
Landlord's lien
for rent: Chapter 60.72 RCW.
on farm crops: Chapter 60.11 RCW.
Mining leases: Chapter 79.14 RCW.
Mortgages and trust receipts: Title 61 RCW.
Nuisances: Chapter 7.48 RCW.
Oil and gas leases: Chapter 79.14 RCW.
Private seals abolished: RCW 64.04.090.
generally: Title 11 RCW.
performance of decedent's contracts: Chapter 11.60 RCW.
Property insurance, insurable interest: RCW 48.18.040.
Public lands: Title 79 RCW.
Real property and conveyances: Title 64 RCW.
Recording: Chapter 65.08 RCW.
Registration of land titles: Chapter 65.12 RCW.
Statute of frauds: Chapter 19.36 RCW.
Taxation, property: Title 84 RCW.
Title insurers: Chapter 48.29 RCW.
Waste and trespass: Chapter 64.12 RCW.