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Title 5 RCW



5.24Uniform judicial notice of foreign laws act.
5.28Oaths and affirmations.
5.40Proof -- General provisions.
5.44Proof -- Public documents.
5.45Uniform business records as evidence act.
5.46Uniform photographic copies of business and public records as evidence act.
5.48Proof -- Replacement of lost records.
5.50Uniform unsworn foreign declarations act.
5.51Uniform interstate depositions and discovery act.
5.52Telegraphic communications.
5.56Witnesses -- Compelling attendance.
5.60Witnesses -- Competency.
5.62Witnesses -- Registered nurses.
5.64Admissibility of certain gestures of apology, sympathy, fault, etc. in civil actions against health care providers.
5.66Admissibility of certain gestures expressing sympathy.
5.68News media.

Rules of court: See Rules of Evidence (ER).

City codes as evidence: RCW 35.21.550.

Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.

Deposition, definitions: RCW 9A.72.010.

District courts, witnesses and depositions: Chapter 12.16 RCW.

Domestic relations, spouse or domestic partner as witness: RCW 26.20.071.

Method for recording of instruments: RCW 65.04.030, 65.04.040.

Microfilming of records to provide continuity of civil government: Chapter 40.10 RCW.

Order for examination of judgment debtor: RCW 6.32.010.

Records of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or hospital review boards, immunity from process: RCW 4.24.250.

Superior court records, destruction, reproduction: RCW 36.23.065 through 36.23.070.