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Chapter 46.87 RCW

(Formerly International Registration Plan)

RCW Sections

46.87.010Applicability -- Implementation.
46.87.022Rental trailers, converter gears.
46.87.023Rental car businesses.
46.87.025Vehicles titled in owner's name.
46.87.030Part-year registration -- Credit for unused fees.
46.87.040Purchase of additional gross weight.
46.87.050Deposit of fees.
46.87.060Apportionment of fees, formula.
46.87.070Reciprocity for trailers, semitrailers, pole trailers.
46.87.080Cab cards, validation tabs, special license plates -- Design, procedures -- Issuance, refusal, revocation.
46.87.090Apportioned vehicle license plates, cab card, validation tabs -- Replacement -- Fees.
46.87.120Mileage data for applications.
46.87.130Transaction fee.
46.87.140Application -- Filing, contents -- Fees and taxes -- Assessments, due date.
46.87.150Overpayment, underpayment -- Refund, additional charge.
46.87.190Suspension or cancellation of benefits.
46.87.200Refusal of registration -- Federal heavy vehicle use tax.
46.87.210Refusal of application from nonreciprocal jurisdiction.
46.87.220Gross weight computation.
46.87.230Responsibility for unlawful acts or omissions.
46.87.240Relationship of department with other jurisdictions.
46.87.250Authority of chapter.
46.87.260Alteration or forgery of cab card or letter of authority -- Penalty.
46.87.270Gross weight on vehicle.
46.87.280Effect of other registration.
46.87.290Refusal, cancellation of application, cab card -- Procedures, penalties.
46.87.294Refusal under federal prohibition, placement of out-of-service order.
46.87.296Suspension, revocation under federal prohibition -- Placement of out-of-service order.
46.87.300Appeal of suspension, revocation, cancellation, refusal.
46.87.310Application records -- Preservation, contents, audit -- Additional assessments, penalties, refunds.
46.87.320Departmental audits, investigations -- Subpoenas.
46.87.330Assessments -- When due, penalties -- Reassessment -- Petition, notice, service -- Injunctions, writs of mandate restricted.
46.87.335Mitigation of assessments.
46.87.340Assessments -- Lien for nonpayment.
46.87.350Delinquent obligations -- Notice -- Restriction on credits or property -- Default judgments -- Lien.
46.87.360Delinquent obligations -- Collection by department -- Seizure of property, notice, sale.
46.87.370Warrant for final assessments -- Lien on property.
46.87.380Delinquent obligations -- Collection by attorney general.
46.87.390Remedies cumulative.
46.87.400Civil immunity.
46.87.410Bankruptcy proceedings -- Notice.
46.87.900Severability -- 1985 c 380.
46.87.910Short title.