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Chapter 43.320 RCW


RCW Sections

43.320.007Regulatory reform -- Findings -- Construction -- 1994 c 256.
43.320.010Department created.
43.320.011Department of general administration and department of licensing powers and duties transferred.
43.320.012Department of general administration and department of licensing equipment, records, funds transferred.
43.320.013Department of general administration and department of licensing civil service employees transferred.
43.320.014Department of general administration or department of licensing rules, business, contracts, and obligations continued.
43.320.015Department of general administration and department of licensing -- Validity of acts.
43.320.016Apportionment of budgeted funds.
43.320.017Collective bargaining agreements.
43.320.020Director -- Salary -- Powers and duties -- Examiners, assistants, personnel.
43.320.030Director -- Qualifications -- Conflicts of interest.
43.320.040Director's authority to adopt rules.
43.320.045Director's duties -- Dissemination of information.
43.320.050Assistant directors -- Divisions -- "FDIC" defined.
43.320.060Deputization of assistant to exercise powers and duties of director.
43.320.070Oath of examiners -- Liability for acts performed in good faith.
43.320.080Director to maintain office in Olympia -- Record of receipts and disbursements -- Deposit of funds.
43.320.090Borrowing money by director, deputy, or employee -- Penalty.
43.320.100Annual report -- Contents.
43.320.110Financial services regulation fund.
43.320.115Securities prosecution fund.
43.320.140Mortgage lending fraud prosecution account -- Created.
43.320.150Financial literacy and education programs.
43.320.1501Financial literacy -- Report to governor and legislature.
43.320.900Effective date -- 1993 c 472.
43.320.901Implementation -- 1993 c 472.