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Title 4 RCW



4.04Rule of decision -- Form of actions.
4.08Parties to actions.
4.12Venue -- Jurisdiction.
4.14Removal of certain actions to superior court.
4.16Limitation of actions.
4.18Uniform conflict of laws -- Limitations act.
4.20Survival of actions.
4.22Contributory fault -- Effect -- Imputation -- Contribution -- Settlement agreements.
4.24Special rights of action and special immunities.
4.28Commencement of actions.
4.36General rules of pleading.
4.48Trial before referee.
4.52Agreed cases.
4.56Judgments -- Generally.
4.60Judgment by confession.
4.64Entry of judgments.
4.68Procedure to bind joint debtor.
4.72Vacation and modification of judgments.
4.76New trials.
4.92Actions and claims against state.
4.96Actions against political subdivisions, municipal and quasi-municipal corporations.
4.100Wrongly convicted persons.

Arbitration of civil actions: Chapter 7.06 RCW.

Bonds, judicial
   attachment: Chapter 6.25 RCW.
   bail and appearance: Chapter 10.19 RCW.
   civil actions, court to fix amount: RCW 4.44.470.
   civil appeals from district courts: Chapter 12.36 RCW.
   contempt: Chapter 7.21 RCW.
   costs, security: RCW 4.84.210 through 4.84.240.
   criminal appeals from district courts: Chapter 10.10 RCW.
   criminal appeals to supreme court: Chapter 10.73 RCW.
   executions, levy on joint personalty: RCW 6.17.180, 6.17.190.
   extradition: Chapter 10.88 RCW.
   garnishment: Chapter 6.27 RCW.
   guardians: Chapters 11.88, 11.92 RCW.
   injunction: Chapter 7.40 RCW.
   judgments, sentences, good behavior, maintain peace: RCW 10.64.070.
   municipal courts: Chapter 35.20 RCW.
   ne exeat: Chapter 7.44 RCW.
   nuisance, stay of warrant: RCW 7.48.040.
   preliminary hearings: Chapter 10.16 RCW.
   public officers, official bonds: Chapter 42.08 RCW.
   replevin: Chapter 7.64 RCW.
   replevin, district courts: Chapter 12.28 RCW.
   suretyship, generally: Chapters 19.72, 48.28 RCW.

Chattel mortgages, foreclosure: Article 62A.9A RCW.

Claims against
   cities and towns: Chapters 35.31, 35A.31 RCW.
   counties: Chapter 36.45 RCW.

Claims, reports, etc., filing and receipt: RCW 1.12.070.

Federal court local law certificate procedure act: Chapter 2.60 RCW.

Foreign corporations, nonadmitted -- Actions against: Chapter 23B.18 RCW.

Immunity from implied warranties and civil liability relating to blood, plasma, and blood derivatives -- Scope -- Effective date: RCW 70.54.120.

Indians, jurisdiction in criminal and civil causes: Chapter 37.12 RCW.

Industrial insurance, procedure: Title 51 RCW.

Justice without unnecessary delay: State Constitution Art. 1 § 10.

Liens, foreclosure: Title 60 RCW.

Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debts -- Fees: RCW 19.16.500.

Real estate mortgages, foreclosure: Chapter 61.12 RCW.

Redress of injuries to property under code of military justice: RCW 38.38.856.

Tax refunds: Chapter 84.69 RCW.