Title 35A RCW


Interpretation of terms.
Procedure for incorporated municipality to become a noncharter code city.
Incorporation as noncharter code city.
Consolidation of code cities.
Adoption and abandonment of noncharter code city classification or plan of government.
Procedure for city operating under charter to become a charter code city.
Procedure for adoption of charter as charter code city.
Amendment or revision of charters of charter code cities.
Adoption and abandonment of charter code city classification.
Laws governing noncharter code cities and charter code citiesPowers.
Mayor-council plan of government.
Council-manager plan of government.
Annexation by code cities.
Reduction of city limits.
Provisions affecting all code cities.
Libraries, museums, and historical activities.
Municipal elections in code cities.
Accident claims and funds.
Budgets in code cities.
Biennial budgets.
Intergovernmental relations.
Execution of bonds by proxy in code cities.
Funds, special purpose.
Emergency services.
Public documents and records.
Fiscal provisions applicable to code cities.
Public employment.
Public officers and agencies, meetings, duties and powers.
Local improvements in code cities.
Motor vehicles.
Highways and streets.
Labor and safety regulations.
Local service districts.
Inclusion of code cities in metropolitan municipal corporations.
Boundaries and plats.
Planning and zoning in code cities.
Public property, real and personal.
Publication and printing.
Health and safetyAlcohol.
Recreation and parks.
Cemeteries and morgues.
Food and drug.
Health and safety.
Property and materials.
Public utilities.
Public transportation.
Harbors and navigation.
Fire departmentsPerformance measures.
Acquisition of open space, land, or rights to future development by counties, cities, or metropolitan municipal corporations, tax levy: RCW 84.34.200 through 84.34.240, 84.52.010. See also RCW 64.04.130.
Boundary review board, extension of water and sewer service beyond corporate boundaries to go before: RCW 36.93.090.
Credit card use by local governments: RCW 43.09.2855.
Labor relations consultants: RCW 43.09.230.
Local adopt-a-highway programs: RCW 47.40.105.
Municipal business and occupation tax: Chapter 35.102 RCW.
MunicipalitiesEnergy audits and efficiency: RCW 43.19.691.
Pollution controlMunicipal bonding authority: Chapter 70.95A RCW.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
School districts agreements with other governmental entities for transportation of students or the public or for other noncommon school purposesLimitations: RCW 28A.160.120.
Senior citizens programsAuthorization to establish and administer: RCW 36.39.060.
Tourism promotion areas: Chapter 35.101 RCW.
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