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Chapter 35.20 RCW


RCW Sections

35.20.010Municipal court established -- Termination of court -- Agreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal cases -- Arbitration -- Notice.
35.20.020Sessions -- Judges may act as magistrates -- Night court.
35.20.030Jurisdiction -- Maximum penalties for criminal violations -- Review -- Costs.
35.20.090Trial by jury -- Juror's fees.
35.20.100Departments of court -- Jurisdiction and venue -- Presiding judge -- Costs of election.
35.20.105Court administrator.
35.20.110Seal of court -- Extent of process.
35.20.120Expenses of court.
35.20.131Director of traffic violations.
35.20.140Monthly meeting of judges -- Rules and regulations of court.
35.20.150Election of judges -- Vacancies.
35.20.155Municipal court commissioners -- Appointment, powers.
35.20.160Judges' salaries.
35.20.170Qualifications of judges -- Practice of law prohibited.
35.20.175Judicial officers -- Disqualification.
35.20.180Judges' oath of office, official bonds.
35.20.190Additional judge.
35.20.200Judges pro tempore.
35.20.205Judicial officers -- Hearing examiner.
35.20.210Clerks of court.
35.20.220Powers and duties of chief clerk -- Remittance by city treasurer -- Interest -- Disposition.
35.20.230Director of probation services -- Probation officers -- Bailiffs.
35.20.240First judges -- Transfer of equipment.
35.20.250Concurrent jurisdiction with superior court and district court.
35.20.255Deferral or suspension of sentences -- Probation -- Maximum term -- Transfer to another state.
35.20.258Sentencing -- Crimes against property -- Criminal history check.
35.20.260Subpoenas -- Witness fees.
35.20.270Warrant officer -- Position created -- Authority -- Service of criminal and civil process -- Jurisdiction -- Costs.
35.20.280City trial court improvement account -- Contribution by city to account -- Use of funds.
35.20.910Construction of other laws.
35.20.921Severability -- 1969 ex.s. c 147.

Rules of court: See Rules for Appeal of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (RALJ).

Courts of limited jurisdiction: Title 3 RCW.

Courts of record: Title 2 RCW.

Rights of accused: State Constitution Art. 1 § 22 (Amendment 10).