Chapter 35.101 RCW


RCW Sections

35.101.020Establishment -- Petition.
35.101.030Resolution of intention to establish area -- Hearing.
35.101.040Limitations on area included -- Interlocal agreements.
35.101.050Lodging charge -- Limitations.
35.101.052Lodging charge -- Contract for administration and collection of by department of revenue.
35.101.055Lodging charge -- Exemption for temporary medical housing.
35.101.060Notice of hearing.
35.101.070Conduct of hearing -- Termination of proceedings.
35.101.080Establishment of area -- Ordinance.
35.101.090Administration, collection of lodging charge.
35.101.100Local tourism promotion account created.
35.101.110Charges are in addition to special assessments.
35.101.120Charges are not a tax on sale of lodging.
35.101.130Legislative authority has sole discretion concerning use for tourism promotion -- Contracts for operation of area.
35.101.140Disestablishment of area -- Hearing -- Resolution.