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Title 3 RCW



3.02 Courts of limited jurisdiction.
3.20 Venue.
3.30 District courts.
3.34 District judges.
3.38 District court districts.
3.42 District court commissioners.
3.46 Municipal departments.
3.50 Municipal courts -- Alternate provision.
3.54 Clerks and deputy clerks.
3.58 Salaries and expenses.
3.62 Income of court.
3.66 Jurisdiction and venue.
3.70 Magistrates' association.
3.72 Youth court.
3.74 Miscellaneous.

Rules of court: Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction -- See Rules of Court, Part V.

District courts -- Civil procedure: Title 12 RCW.

Justice or constable levying demand or promising reward: RCW 9.12.020.

Municipal courts, cities over four hundred thousand: Chapter 35.20 RCW.

Persons convicted in district court may be placed under supervision of county probation officer: RCW 9.92.060, 9.95.210.

Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debts -- Fees: RCW 19.16.500.

Small claims department: Chapter 12.40 RCW.