Chapter 26.10 RCW


RCW Sections

26.10.015Mandatory use of approved forms.
26.10.020Civil practice to govern -- Designation of proceedings -- Decrees.
26.10.030Child custody proceeding -- Commencement -- Notice -- Intervention.
26.10.032Child custody motion -- Affidavit required -- Notice -- Denial of motion -- Show cause hearing.
26.10.034Petitions -- Indian child statement -- Application of federal Indian child welfare act.
26.10.040Provisions for child support, custody, and visitation -- Federal tax exemption -- Continuing restraining orders -- Domestic violence or antiharassment protection orders -- Notice of modification or termination of restraining order.
26.10.045Child support schedule.
26.10.050Child support by parents -- Apportionment of expense.
26.10.060Health insurance coverage -- Conditions.
26.10.070Minor or dependent child -- Court appointed attorney to represent -- Payment of costs, fees, and disbursements.
26.10.080Payment of costs, attorney's fees, etc.
26.10.090Failure to comply with decree or temporary injunction -- Obligation to make support payments or permit visitation not suspended -- Motion.
26.10.100Determination of custody -- Child's best interests.
26.10.110Temporary custody order -- Vacation of order.
26.10.115Temporary orders -- Support -- Restraining orders -- Domestic violence or antiharassment protection orders -- Notice of modification or termination of restraining order -- Preservation of support debt.
26.10.120Interview with child by court -- Advice of professional personnel.
26.10.130Investigation and report.
26.10.135Custody orders -- Background information to be consulted.
26.10.140Hearing -- Record -- Expenses of witnesses.
26.10.150Access to child's education and medical records.
26.10.160Visitation rights -- Limitations.
26.10.170Powers and duties of custodian -- Supervision by appropriate agency when necessary.
26.10.180Remedies when a child is taken, enticed, or concealed.
26.10.190Petitions for modification and proceedings concerning relocation of child -- Assessment of attorneys' fees.
26.10.200Temporary custody order or modification of custody decree -- Affidavits required.
26.10.220Restraining orders -- Notice -- Refusal to comply -- Arrest -- Penalty -- Defense -- Peace officers, immunity.
26.10.910Short title -- 1987 c 460.

Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.