Chapter 22.09 RCW


RCW Sections

22.09.020Department authority -- Rules.
22.09.030Warehouse license or licenses required.
22.09.035Grain dealer license required, exception.
22.09.040Application for warehouse license.
22.09.045Application for grain dealer license.
22.09.050Warehouse license fees -- Penalty.
22.09.055Grain dealer -- Exempt grain dealers -- License fees -- Penalty.
22.09.060Bond or certificate of deposit and insurance prerequisite to license -- Exemption.
22.09.070Warehouse licenses -- Issuance -- Posting -- Duration.
22.09.075Grain dealer licenses -- Issuance -- Posting -- Duration.
22.09.080Licenses -- Denial -- Suspension -- Revocation.
22.09.090Bond requisites -- Certificate of deposit or other security -- Additional security -- Suspension of license for failure to maintain.
22.09.095Single bond by multiple applicants.
22.09.100Bonds -- Duration -- Release of surety -- Cancellation by surety.
22.09.110Casualty insurance required -- Certificate to be filed.
22.09.120Insurance -- Cancellation procedure -- Suspension of license.
22.09.130Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Duty to serve -- Receipts -- Special binning -- Unsuitable commodities -- Put through commodities.
22.09.140Rights and duties of licensees -- Partial withdrawal -- Adjustment or substitution of receipt -- Liability to third parties.
22.09.150Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Delivery of stored commodities -- Damages.
22.09.160Rights and duties of licensees -- Disposition of hazardous commodities.
22.09.170Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Special disposition of commodities under written order.
22.09.175Presumptions regarding commodities -- Approval of contracts.
22.09.180Rights and duties of licensees -- Records, contents -- Itemized charges.
22.09.190Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Rebates, preferences, etc., prohibited.
22.09.195Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- RCW 22.09.190 inapplicable to contracts with governmental agencies.
22.09.200Rights and duties of licensees -- Reports to department.
22.09.220Rights and duties of licensees -- Premises, construction and maintenance.
22.09.230Rights and duties of warehouse licensees -- Signs -- Use of "Washington Bonded Warehouse."
22.09.240Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Schedule of rates -- Posting -- Revision.
22.09.250Rights and duties of warehouse operator -- Unlawful practices.
22.09.260Deposit of commodities unfit for human consumption -- Notice.
22.09.290Warehouse receipts -- Required terms.
22.09.300Warehouse receipts -- Forms, numbering, printing, bond -- Compliance with Article 7 of Title 62A RCW (62A.7) -- Confiscation.
22.09.310Warehouse receipts -- Dealing in unauthorized receipts prohibited -- Penalty.
22.09.320Warehouse receipts -- Lost or destroyed receipts.
22.09.330Scale weight tickets not precluded.
22.09.340Examination of receipts and commodities -- Request -- Fee -- Access to bins -- Records and accounts -- Out-of-state offices.
22.09.345Inspections -- Notice, when issued -- Failure to comply, penalty -- Court order -- Costs, expenses, attorneys' fees.
22.09.350Remedies of department on discovery of shortage.
22.09.361Seizure of commodities or warehouse operator's records -- Department duties -- Warehouse operator's remedies -- Expenses and attorneys' fees.
22.09.371Depositor's lien.
22.09.381Depositors' claims, processing by department.
22.09.391Depositor's lien -- Liquidation procedure.
22.09.405Grain indemnity fund program -- Activation -- In lieu of other security.
22.09.411Grain indemnity fund program -- Fund established -- Contents, deposits, disbursements, use.
22.09.416Grain indemnity fund program -- Assessments.
22.09.421Grain indemnity fund program -- Initial assessment -- Effect on preceding security -- New applicants for warehouse or grain dealer licenses.
22.09.426Grain indemnity fund program -- Annual assessments -- Limitations.
22.09.431Grain indemnity fund program -- Additional security.
22.09.436Grain indemnity fund program -- Advisory committee.
22.09.441Grain indemnity fund program -- Processing of claims.
22.09.446Grain indemnity fund program -- Failure to file claim in time.
22.09.451Grain indemnity fund program -- Payment limitations.
22.09.456Grain indemnity fund program -- Additional payment limitations.
22.09.461Grain indemnity fund program -- Payment of claims -- Restrictions, priority.
22.09.466Grain indemnity fund program -- Debt and obligation of grain dealer or warehouse operator -- Recovery by director.
22.09.471Grain indemnity fund program -- Proceedings against licensee.
22.09.520Deposits as bailments.
22.09.570Action on bond by director -- Authorized -- Grounds.
22.09.580Action on bond by director -- Failure of depositor creditor to file claim upon request -- Effect.
22.09.590Action on bond by director -- Records as to depositor creditors missing or information incomplete -- Effect.
22.09.600Action on bond by director -- Powers of director.
22.09.610Action on bond by director -- When authorized -- New bond, when required -- Penalty for failure to file.
22.09.615Action by depositor upon licensee's bond.
22.09.620Payment for agricultural commodities purchased -- Time requirements.
22.09.630Payment violations -- Recovery by department -- Charges to depositors.
22.09.640Publication and distribution of list of licensed warehouses.
22.09.650Remedies of department as to stations.
22.09.660Emergency storage situation -- Forwarding to other warehouses.
22.09.710Designation of inspection points and terminal warehouses.
22.09.720Grades and standards of commodities -- Regulations.
22.09.730Inspection or grading of commodities -- Methods.
22.09.740Inspection or grading of commodities -- File samples, retention.
22.09.750Inspection or grading of commodities -- Powers and duties of inspectors at terminal warehouses -- Recordkeeping.
22.09.760Inspection or grading of commodities -- No inspection if commodity is to be loaded into defective container.
22.09.770Inspection or grading of commodities -- Unlawful practices -- Penalty.
22.09.780Inspection or grading of commodities.
22.09.790Inspection or grading of commodities -- Fees and charges.
22.09.800Inspection or grading of commodities -- Scales and weighing.
22.09.810Inspection or grading of commodities -- Inspection of commodities shipped to or from places other than inspection points.
22.09.820Inspection or grading of commodities -- Unloading commodity without inspection or weighing.
22.09.830Grain inspection revolving fund -- Hop inspection fund -- Grain warehouse audit account.
22.09.840Fumigated conveyances to be labeled.
22.09.850Railroads to provide side tracks and track scales -- Weighing of cars.
22.09.860Police protection of terminal yards and tracks.
22.09.880Cooperation with governmental agencies and private associations.
22.09.890General penalty.
22.09.895Civil penalty.
22.09.900Continuation of rules adopted pursuant to repealed chapter.
22.09.910Savings -- 1963 c 124.
22.09.920Construction as to Article 7 of Title 62A RCW (62A.7).
22.09.930Effective date -- 1963 c 124.
22.09.940Severability -- 1963 c 124.
22.09.941Severability -- 1979 ex.s. c 238.

Commodity transactions: Chapter 21.30 RCW.