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RCW 21.20.030

Unlawful acts of investment adviser.

It is unlawful for any investment adviser to enter into, extend, or renew any investment advisory contract unless it provides in writing:
(1) That the investment adviser shall not be compensated on the basis of a share of capital gains upon or capital appreciation of the funds or any portion of the funds of the client; however, this subsection does not prohibit: (a) An investment advisory contract which provides for compensation based upon the total of a fund averaged over a definite period, or as of definite dates or taken as of a definite date; or (b) performance compensation arrangements permitted under any rule the director may adopt in order to allow performance compensation arrangements permitted under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and regulations promulgated by the securities and exchange commission thereunder;
(2) That no assignment of the contract may be made by the investment adviser without the consent of the other party to the contract; and
(3) That the investment adviser, if a partnership, shall notify the other party to the contract of any change in the membership of the partnership within a reasonable time after the change.
"Assignment", as used in subsection (2) of this section, includes any direct or indirect transfer or hypothecation of an investment advisory contract by the assignor or of a controlling block of the assignor's outstanding voting securities by a security holder of the assignor; but, if the investment adviser is a partnership, no assignment of an investment advisory contract is considered to result from the death or withdrawal of a minority of the members of the investment adviser having only a minority interest in the business of the investment adviser, or from the admission to the investment adviser of one or more members who, after admission, will be only a minority of the members and will have only a minority interest in the business.
[1993 c 114 § 1; 1959 c 282 § 3.]