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Chapter 19.144 RCW


RCW Sections

19.144.005Findings -- 2008 c 108.
19.144.020Disclosure requirements -- Department duties.
19.144.030Interagency guidance on nontraditional mortgage product risks and the statement on subprime mortgage lending.
19.144.040Prepayment penalty or fee -- Limitation.
19.144.050Negative amortization -- Limitation.
19.144.060Risk grade determination.
19.144.070Rule-making authority.
19.144.080Unlawful actions -- Fraud, misrepresentation, deceptive practices.
19.144.090Criminal penalties -- Dates of limitation -- Civil penalty.
19.144.100Unlawful actions -- Proceeds and interest in real property -- Criminal penalties.
19.144.110Civil and administrative penalties.
19.144.120Director -- Powers -- Enforcement of chapter.