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Chapter 19.118 RCW


RCW Sections

19.118.005Legislative intent.
19.118.010Motor vehicle manufacturers -- Express warranties -- Service and repair facilities.
19.118.031Manufacturers and new motor vehicle dealers -- Responsibilities to consumers -- Extension of eligibility period.
19.118.041Replacement or repurchase of nonconforming new motor vehicle -- Reasonable number of attempts -- Notice by consumer regarding motor home nonconformity -- Liabilities and rights of parties -- Application of consumer protection act.
19.118.061Vehicle with nonconformities or out of service -- Notification of correction -- Resale or transfer of title -- Issuance of new title -- Disclosure to buyer -- Intervening transferor.
19.118.080New motor vehicle arbitration boards -- Arbitration proceedings -- Prerequisite to filing action in superior court.
19.118.090Request for arbitration -- Eligibility -- Manufacturer's response -- Defenses -- Remedies -- Acceptance or appeal.
19.118.095Arbitration decision -- Compliance -- Accomplishment -- Dispute -- Failure -- Fine -- Costs -- Attorneys' fees.
19.118.100Trial de novo -- Posting security -- Recovery.
19.118.110Arbitration fee -- New motor vehicle arbitration account -- Report by attorney general.
19.118.120Application of consumer protection act.
19.118.130Waivers, limitations, disclaimers -- Void.
19.118.140Other rights and remedies not precluded.
19.118.150Informal dispute resolution settlement procedure.
19.118.160Arbitration program -- When established by attorney general.
19.118.170History of vehicle -- Availability to owner.
19.118.900Effective dates -- 1987 c 344.
19.118.902Severability -- 1987 c 344.
19.118.903Severability -- 1989 c 347.
19.118.904Effective date -- 1989 c 347.