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Chapter 18.28 RCW


RCW Sections

18.28.080Fees for debt adjusting services -- Limitations -- Requirements.
18.28.090Excess charges -- Contract void -- Return of payments.
18.28.100Contract requirements.
18.28.110Debt adjuster -- Functions required to be performed.
18.28.120Debt adjuster -- Prohibited acts.
18.28.130Legal services -- Rendering or obtaining -- Using name of attorney -- Prohibited.
18.28.140Assignment of wages not prohibited.
18.28.150Trust account for payments by debtor -- Disbursements.
18.28.180Administrative procedure act to govern administration.
18.28.185Violations -- Unfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCW.
18.28.190Violations -- Penalty.
18.28.200Violations -- Injunctions.
18.28.210Violations -- Assurance of discontinuance -- Effect.
18.28.220Violation of injunction -- Civil penalty.
18.28.900Saving prior contracts.
18.28.910Severability -- 1967 c 201.