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Chapter 13.04 RCW

(Formerly Juvenile courts)

RCW Sections

13.04.005Short title.
13.04.021Juvenile court -- How constituted -- Cases tried without jury.
13.04.030Juvenile court -- Exclusive original jurisdiction -- Exceptions.
13.04.033Appeal of court order -- Procedure -- Priority, when.
13.04.035Administrator of juvenile court, probation counselor, and detention services -- Appointment.
13.04.037Administrator -- Adoption of standards for detention facilities for juveniles -- Revision and inspection.
13.04.040Administrator -- Appointment of probation counselors and persons in charge of detention facilities -- Powers and duties, compensation -- Collection of fines.
13.04.043Administrator -- Obtaining interpreters.
13.04.047Administrator or staff -- Health and dental examination and care -- Consent.
13.04.050Expenses of probation officers.
13.04.093Hearings -- Duties of prosecuting attorney or attorney general.
13.04.116Juvenile not to be confined in jail or holding facility for adults, exceptions -- Enforcement.
13.04.135Establishment of house or room of detention.
13.04.145Educational program for juveniles in detention facilities -- Application of chapter 28A.190 RCW.
13.04.155Notification to school principal of conviction, adjudication, or diversion agreement -- Provision of information to teachers and other personnel -- Confidentiality.
13.04.160Fees not allowed.
13.04.180Board of visitation.
13.04.240Court order not deemed conviction of crime.
13.04.300Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender.
13.04.450Chapters 13.04 and 13.40 RCW as exclusive authority for adjudication and disposition of juvenile offenders -- Chapter 10.22 RCW does not apply to proceedings under chapter 13.40 RCW.

Division of children and youth services; construed in connection with and supplemental to the juvenile court law: RCW 72.05.170 through 72.05.210.

Educational aid for children with disabilities: Chapter 28A.155 RCW.

Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender: RCW 13.04.300.

Missing children clearinghouse and hot line: Chapter 13.60 RCW.

Record of traffic charges of juveniles to be furnished juvenile court: RCW 46.20.293.

Relinquishment of permanent care of child: RCW 26.33.090.

Schools designated close security institutions: RCW 72.05.130.

Temporary assistance for needy families: Chapter 74.12 RCW.

Transfer from minimum security to close security institution -- Court order required: RCW 72.05.130(3).