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Title 11 RCW



11.02General provisions.
11.04Descent and distribution.
11.05AUniform simultaneous death act.
11.07Nonprobate assets on dissolution or invalidation of marriage.
11.10Abatement of assets.
11.11Testamentary disposition of nonprobate assets act.
11.18Liability of beneficiary of nonprobate asset.
11.20Custody, proof, and probate of wills.
11.24Will contests.
11.28Letters testamentary and of administration.
11.32Special administrators.
11.36Qualifications of personal representatives.
11.40Claims against estate.
11.42Settlement of creditor claims for estates passing without probate.
11.44Inventory and appraisement.
11.48Personal representatives -- General provisions -- Actions by and against.
11.54Family support and postdeath creditor's claim exemptions.
11.56Sales, exchanges, leases, mortgages, and borrowing.
11.60Performance of decedent's contracts.
11.62Small estates -- Disposition of property.
11.64Partnership property.
11.66Social security benefits.
11.68Settlement of estates without administration.
11.72Distribution before settlement.
11.76Settlement of estates.
11.80Estates of absentees.
11.84Inheritance rights of slayers or abusers.
11.86Disclaimer of interests.
11.88Guardianship -- Appointment, qualification, removal of guardians.
11.90Uniform adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction act.
11.92Guardianship -- Powers and duties of guardian or limited guardian.
11.94Power of attorney.
11.95Powers of appointment.
11.96ATrust and estate dispute resolution.
11.97Effect of trust instrument.
11.100Investment of trust funds.
11.102Common trust funds.
11.103Revocable trusts.
11.104AWashington principal and income act of 2002.
11.106Trustees' accounting act.
11.108Miscellaneous provisions for distributions made by a governing instrument.
11.110Charitable trusts.
11.114Uniform transfers to minors act.
11.118Trusts -- Animals.

Rules of court:
   compensation, reports: SPR 98.12W.
   guardians, receivers, personal representatives compromise and settlement: SPR 98.08W.
   receivers, reports by: SPR 98.10W.

Cemetery plots, inheritance: Chapter 68.32 RCW.

Community property agreements: Chapter 26.16 RCW.

Coroner's duty as to property of deceased: RCW 36.24.130, 36.24.180.

Court commissioners, powers in probate matters: RCW 2.24.040.

Donation of human remains for medical purposes: Chapter 68.64 RCW.

Evidence, transaction with person since deceased: RCW 5.60.030.

Fees, collection by superior court clerk: RCW 27.24.070, 36.18.020.

Joint tenancy: Chapter 64.28 RCW.

Jurisdiction: RCW 2.08.010, 2.08.190; State Constitution Art. 4 §§ 4 and 6 (Amendment 28).

Life insurance payable to trustee named as beneficiary in policy or will: RCW 48.18.450, 48.18.452.

Partition of real property: Chapter 7.52 RCW.

Production of pretended heir: Chapter 9A.60 RCW.

Replacement of lost or destroyed probate records: RCW 5.48.060.

Stock certificates -- Joint tenancy -- Transfer pursuant to direction of survivor: RCW 23B.07.240.

Veterans' estates, appointment of director of veterans' affairs to act as fiduciary: RCW 73.04.130.

   payment on death of employee: RCW 49.48.120.
   preference on death of employer: RCW 49.56.020.

Written finding of presumed death, missing in action, etc.: RCW 5.40.020 through 5.40.040.