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Chapter 35A.13 RCW


RCW Sections

35A.13.010City officers -- Size of council.
35A.13.020Election of councilmembers -- Eligibility -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Forfeiture of office -- Council chair.
35A.13.030Mayor -- Election -- Chair to be mayor -- Duties.
35A.13.033Election on proposition to designate person elected to position one as chair -- Subsequent holders of position one to be chair.
35A.13.035Mayor pro tempore or deputy mayor.
35A.13.040Compensation of councilmembers -- Expenses.
35A.13.050City manager -- Qualifications.
35A.13.060City manager may serve two or more cities.
35A.13.070City manager -- Bond and oath.
35A.13.080City manager -- Powers and duties.
35A.13.090Creation of departments, offices, and employment -- Compensation.
35A.13.100City manager -- Department heads -- Authority.
35A.13.110City manager -- Appointment of subordinates -- Qualifications -- Terms.
35A.13.120City manager -- Interference by councilmembers.
35A.13.130City manager -- Removal -- Resolution and notice.
35A.13.140City manager -- Removal -- Reply and hearing.
35A.13.150City manager -- Substitute.
35A.13.160Oath and bond of officers.
35A.13.170Council meetings -- Quorum -- Rules -- Voting.
35A.13.180Adoption of codes by reference.
35A.13.190Ordinances -- Style -- Requisites -- Veto.
35A.13.200Authentication, recording and publication of ordinances.
35A.13.210Audit and allowance of demands against city.
35A.13.220Optional division of city into wards.
35A.13.230Powers of council.