By Senator Hargrove

     WHEREAS, The Washington State Senate is VERY confident the Seattle Seahawks will defeat the Denver Broncos on Sunday; and
     WHEREAS, With all due respect to the fine people of the State of Colorado, the 12th Man numbered 30,000 strong just to see their team off to the Super Bowl, while Colorado managed 300 or so to see their Broncos off; and
     WHEREAS, The Seattle Seahawks gave their fans much to be proud of, indeed, inspiring them to not just set the world record for stadium noise once, but TWICE in one season; and
     WHEREAS, The 12th Man has been known to trigger seismic events (that would be earthquakes for you middle of the country folk), for real; and
     WHEREAS, Colorado makes some fine craft beverages, but really? Do you want to start that fight with the state that invented the genre? Between fine coffee, brewers, and wineries, Seattle is the beverage capital of the United States, if not the world; and
     WHEREAS, We wholeheartedly agree and hope that your admittedly incredible quarterback does resemble Mount Elbert: A little rocky and immobile; and
     WHEREAS, Your 14ers are really nice, but c'mon, have you seen Mount Rainier? Cloaked in glaciers and rising nearly 2.5 miles above its surroundings, it is more singular, more monumental, and more intimidating than any of Colorado's 14ers, much like the Seahawks over the Broncos; and
     WHEREAS, The Great State of Colorado has named 53 individual 14ers after 53 individual players, because the Broncos are a band of individuals, however the State of Washington resolves to name one magnificent mountain after the Seahawks because they are and act as a TEAM;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate does hereby rename Mount Rainier as "Mount Seattle Seahawks" from this point until 12:00 a.m. Monday, February 3, 2014; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Washington State Legislature respectfully request of the United States Department of the Interior that Mount Rainier's namesake National Park (yeah, our Mountain is that cool, it warrants its own National Park) be retitled "12th Man National Park" for the same time period; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Sunday, February 2nd be proclaimed SEAHAWK SUNDAY in the great State of Washington.