Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Abolishing of department and transfer of powers, duties, and functions to department of enterprise services: HB 1720, SHB 1720, SB 5503, SB 5931, * ESSB 5931, CH 43 (2011) PV
Buildings, public, reducing embodied energy of building materials by increasing use of wood and wood projects: SB 5485
Buildings, public, streamlining requirements for life-cycle cost analysis, energy conservation design, and high performance: * ESSB 5485, CH 341 (2011)
Capitol campus, federal and state documents, department to develop displays: HB 1456
Digital copy machines, rental or sale contracts for, department to include proper handling and disposal provision: HB 1216
Facilities, acquisition for agencies, analysis of alternative methods by director: HB 1999, SB 5876
Food purchasing, department of health and department to adopt a model food purchasing policy for state agencies: HB 1801, SB 5653
Fuel usage, state agency requirements, exemption for emergency vehicles: SB 5707
Public works, in-state contractor preference, department to apply preference after surveying other states: HB 2042, * 2SSB 5662, CH 345 (2011)
Purchasing by state, department role in implementing bidding preference program for Washington businesses: HB 1355
Purchasing by state, increasing small business participation in, department to develop model plan and web-based information system: * HB 1770, CH 358 (2011) PV