Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Annual parking and access pass, department agreement with department of fish and wildlife for use of fish and wildlife access facilities by persons with: E2SHB 2480
Biomass energy, department to develop and implement forest biomass energy demonstration projects: * HB 2165, CH 163 (2009), SB 5979
Biomass, department authority to enter into forest biomass supply agreements involving state lands: HB 2481, SHB 2481, * 2SHB 2481, CH 126 (2010), SB 6236
Board of natural resources, membership criteria: HB 2503, * SHB 2503, CH 189 (2010)
Commercial, natural resource, and forest lands, department authority to manage: SB 5957, SSB 5957
Concessionaires on public lands, pilot projects: HB 2480, SHB 2480, SB 6237, SSB 6237
Contract harvesting on state trust lands: * ESB 6166, CH 418 (2009) PV
Electrical power production and concentrated heating, assessment of state's geothermal resources by department: SSB 5149
Firefighting equipment, use of firefighting funding to avoid spread of noxious weeds by way of: HB 2509, SHB 2509
Fish and wildlife commission, administrative transfer of commission to department: SB 6813
Fish and wildlife department, abolition of department and transfer of duties to department of natural resources: SB 6813
Forest fire prevention and suppression, department responsibilities and authority for: HB 3170, SB 6766, SSB 6766, 2SSB 6766
Forest fire protection and suppression, landowner assessments and department expenditures for: SB 6837
Forest fire protection assessment rate structure and refunds, revisions: HB 2315, SHB 2315
Forest fire responses, requirements for communications during: * EHB 2667, CH 38 (2010)
Forest fires, property owner and resident right of access during: SB 6463
Forest practices applications, fees when submitted to department: SB 6848
Geothermal resource assessment committee: SB 5149
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, forestry offset projects: E2SSB 5735
Institute of forest resources to establish and maintain a forest land database: SB 5598
Integrated climate change response strategy, department of ecology to coordinate with department and other agencies and other groups: SSB 5138, E2SSB 5138
Landowner conservation incentives, department to develop landowner-supportive proposals for: * ESHB 2541, CH 188 (2010)
Marinas, aquatic lands lease rates: HB 2663, SSB 5255, 2SSB 5255
Natural heritage plants, department consideration of impact on plants of activities on department lands: HB 2134
Natural heritage program to host conference on arboretums and botanic gardens in state: SB 5061, SB 5092
Natural heritage program, department recovery of data delivery services provided under: HB 3122, SB 6747, SSB 6747
Natural resources management, streamlining: HB 3090
Natural resources programs, revisions to implement 2009-2011 state operating budget: HB 2368
Operation fee for individuals or organizations hosting specific events on public lands, provisions: E2SHB 2480
Parks and recreation commission, abolition of agency and transfer of duties and governor-appointed commission to department: SB 6813
Pilot vessel amnesty disposal program: SB 5058, SSB 5058
Plants, impacts of projects when certain species identified by natural heritage program are present: HB 1136
Public lands, managing natural resources on public lands through coordinated state land management by certain agencies: HB 2491
Recreation passes for department of natural resources lands, creation: SB 5761
Sand and gravel, permit requirements for marine transportation facilities for: HB 1970, SB 5836
Signs, posting when department lands are closed to the public: HB 1118
State trust lands, contract harvesting: * ESB 6166, CH 418 (2009) PV
Timber harvest termination dates for public lands, department extension of: SB 6127
Timber recovery fund board and account, creation: SB 5598
Use charges for recreation on public lands, development and implementation of multiagency use pass: HB 2480, SHB 2480, SB 6237, SSB 6237
Use charges for recreation on public lands, provisions: E2SHB 2480