Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Child welfare services, filling vacancies on the racial disproportionality advisory committee: SB 6469, SSB 6469
Child welfare services, remediating racial disproportionality in: HB 2164
Civil rights history, districts to be encouraged to teach: HB 3135
Employee termination for actions opposing employer violations of public policy, cause of action separate from wrongful discharge created: HB 2186
Enhanced intelligence act, protection of certain information from collection or dissemination by intelligence data entities: HB 2798, SB 6432
Law against discrimination, impermissible motive element of a claim under: SB 5982
Lawful source of income, discrimination on basis of: HB 1766, SHB 1766, SB 5672, SSB 5672
Malicious harassment, modifying the definition of "sexual orientation" for prosecution purposes: HB 2219, * SB 5952, CH 180 (2009)
Public community athletics programs, discrimination on the basis of sex prohibited: HB 2124, SB 5967, * ESSB 5967, CH 467 (2009)
Racial disproportionality advisory committee, filling vacancies on: SB 6469, SSB 6469
Racial disproportionality advisory committee, recommendations concerning child welfare system: SB 5882, * SSB 5882, CH 213 (2009)
School districts, elimination of discrimination through districts' compliance with state and federal civil rights laws: HB 3026, SHB 3026, * E2SHB 3026, CH 240 (2010)
Schools, superintendent of public instruction authority to monitor, investigate, and prepare complaints for victims in public schools: SB 6800
Schools, superintendent of public instruction authority to review, process, and refer complaints from victims in public schools: SSB 6800
Service animals, prohibiting discrimination in certain real estate and dwelling transactions against persons using: HB 2438
Women, adoption of a treaty fighting discrimination against: HJM 4013, * SJM 8012 (2009)