Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Brain injury awareness, increasing: * HR 4614 (2011)
Child support, veterans benefits apportioned to meet support obligation, crediting veteran for payment: HB 2287
Civil war veterans who settled in Washington state, acknowledging: * SR 8655 (2011)
Courts, veterans' courts, establishment and use: HB 2547, SB 6404
Department of veterans affairs, veteran-owned businesses, transfer of program to office of civil rights: HB 1958, SB 5557
Discover pass, complimentary, issuance to veterans with disabilities: HB 2161
Driver's licenses and identicards, providing veteran designation on: HB 2378
Elms, Douglas C. United State Army veteran, honoring: * SR 8705 (2012)
Employment, permitting private employers to exercise permissive preference for certain veterans: * HB 1432, CH 144 (2011), SB 5841
Higher education institutions, certain colleges to participate in program that leverages leadership of returning veterans: HB 1863, SB 5608
Higher education, early registration for eligible veterans and national guard members: HB 2503, SHB 2503
Higher education, priority registration for eligible veterans and national guard members: HB 2345, SB 6288
Higher education, resident student, modifying definition to include veterans residing in state when separated from service: HB 2745, SB 6544
Honoring veterans of United States military service: * SR 8680 (2012)
Housing, requirement for public housing funds recipients to provide application preference for veterans: HB 1605
Inland northwest honor flight, recognizing: * HR 4620 (2011)
Japanese-American World War II veterans, recognizing: * HR 4627 (2011), * HR 4669 (2012)
Korean War, establishing national Korean War veterans armistice day: * HB 2138, CH 11 (2012)
Military service award emblems for display on license plates: HB 2312, * SHB 2312, CH 69 (2012)
Mobility enhancing equipment, sold for use in motor vehicle by veteran with disabilities, sales and use tax exemption: HB 2379
Nabors, Ryan, recognizing service and dedication to state veterans: * HR 4677 (2012)
Preferential hiring of veterans by department of transportation's marine division: SB 6457, SSB 6457
Programs and benefits for veterans, consolidation in one title: HB 1429
Property tax exemption, senior, disabled, and veteran, extending to leased land with mobile home: HB 1843
Public employment, examinations for, use of veterans' scoring criteria status: SB 5861, SB 5970, SSB 5970
Raffle, veteran's raffle to be offered by state lottery: * SB 6059, CH 43 (2012)
Reagan, Michael, and the Fallen Heroes Project, honoring: * SR 8651 (2011)
Real estate brokers and firms, fingerprint and background checks, exempting veterans from requirements: SB 6533
Recreation lands, state, use of lifetime veteran's disability pass or complimentary discover pass for access: HB 2161
Traumatic brain injury strategic partnership, advisory council, and account, revising provisions: HB 1614, * SHB 1614, CH 143 (2011)
Veterans homes, state, including in definition of health care facility for labor purposes: HB 2501
Veterans innovation program, funding through state lottery raffle: HB 1975, * SB 5806, CH 352 (2011)
Veterans relief, shifting property tax levies from county regular to stand-alone status: HB 1786
Veterans' assistance fund, adjusting amount of tax levy for: HB 2649
Veterans' assistance fund, property tax levy lid limits: SB 6452, SSB 6452
Veterans' relief, property tax levy lid limits for services: SB 5567, SB 6452, SSB 6452
Vietnam veterans, honoring: * HR 4645 (2011)
Walla Walla state veterans' home, establishment: HB 2719, SB 6507, SSB 6507
Cats, feral and free-roaming, spaying and neutering program: HB 1226, SB 5151
Choke chains, leaving pet animal unattended with, prohibiting: SB 6122, SSB 6122
Companion animals, assistance for low-income owners through companion animal safety, population control, and spay/neuter assistance program: HB 1226, SB 5151
Prescription monitoring program, data submission requirements, exemption for veterinarians: HB 2288, SB 6105, * SSB 6105, CH 192 (2012)
               (See also CRIMINAL PROCEDURE)
Address confidentiality program, disclosure of information in registered domestic partnership applications and related records: HB 2385, SB 6213
Crime victim's compensation program, transferring to attorney general's office: HB 2573
Crime victims advocacy, office of, establishment of sex offender policy board by office: SB 5790, SSB 5790
Crime victims' compensation program, modifying benefit application provisions: HB 2807
Crime victims' compensation program, separating administration from workers' compensation program: SB 5691, * SSB 5691, CH 346 (2011) PV
Crime victims' compensation, concerning: HB 2806
Crime victims' services account, creation: SB 6389, SSB 6389
Domestic violence victims, shelters for, transferring program to attorney general's office: HB 2573
Domestic violence, protections for victims: HB 2363, * ESHB 2363, CH 223 (2012)
Driving under the influence, maintaining registry of qualified victim impact panels: HB 1167, SHB 1167, * E2SHB 1789, CH 293 (2011)
Harassment, no-contact orders and other protections for victims: HB 2363, * ESHB 2363, CH 223 (2012)
Human trafficking, victims and their families, using existing funding to provide housing: * SB 5482, CH 110 (2011)
Human trafficking, victims, affirmative defense in prosecution for prostitution: * ESB 6255, CH 142 (2012)
Informants who are alleged victims, use when investigating commercial sexual exploitation of children: HB 1874, * SHB 1874, CH 241 (2011), SB 5545, SSB 5545
Prostitution, young adult prostitutes, providing protections for: HB 2323
Questioning by pro se defendant in sex offense cases, restrictions: HB 1001, SHB 1001
Questioning by pro se defendants, procedures: SB 5014
Rights of victims, statement of rights to be read by presiding officer at all criminal proceedings: HB 1159
Sentencing of felony offenders, provision of restitution and support for victim: HB 1399, SB 5880
Sexual assault, grant programs and services for victims, administration: SB 6100, * SSB 6100, CH 29 (2012)
Victim impact panels, maintaining registry of qualified panels for driving under the influence: HB 1167, SHB 1167, * E2SHB 1789, CH 293 (2011)
Career pathways act, encouraging multiple career pathways: HB 2170, SHB 2170, 2SHB 2170, SB 6119
Health care personnel shortage task force, convening and duties: SB 6115, SSB 6115
Internships, workforce training and education coordinating board to create profile-based web application to connect students and employers: HB 1760, SHB 1760, SB 5637
Lifelong learning program, establishment within workforce training and education coordinating board: HB 2580, * ESB 6141, CH 33 (2012)
Middle class jobs act, provisions: HB 1601, SHB 1601
Middle-income bracket, agencies to coordinate efforts to improve services and move households up to middle-income bracket: HB 1601, SHB 1601, HB 2171
Opportunity internship program, revising provisions: HB 1608, SHB 1608
State agency planning processes, agencies to coordinate efforts to improve services and move households up to middle-income bracket or higher: HB 2171
Washington works indicators and payments, establishment and use: HB 2265, SHB 2265
Workforce investment act, administration of title I-B, transfer of responsibilities for: HB 2348
Workforce investment funds, using for layoff aversion: SB 6541
Abuse of vulnerable adults, prohibiting agencies from charging fee for filing or service of process when relief from abuse is sought: * SSB 6403, CH 156 (2012)
Elder and vulnerable adult referral agency act: * ESHB 1494, CH 357 (2011)
Emergency shelter and transitional housing entities, criminal identification system for: SB 6167, * SSB 6167, CH 44 (2012)
Exploitation, defining financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult: HB 1104, SHB 1104, SB 5042, * SSB 5042, CH 170 (2011)
Health care professionals, prohibited from practicing if disqualified from unsupervised access to vulnerable adults: HB 2578, SHB 2578
Long-term care and nursing facilities, waivers of resident rights, adding provision concerning vulnerable adults statute: SB 5047, SSB 5047
Long-term care, protecting vulnerable adults through changes to adult family home and long-term care provisions: HB 1277, * ESHB 1277, CH 3 (2011), SB 5092, SSB 5092, 2SSB 5092
Peer counselors, background checks: SB 5681, SSB 5681
Protection, orders for, prohibiting agencies from charging fee for filing or service: SB 6403, * SSB 6403, CH 156 (2012)
Protection, role of department of social and health services in protecting vulnerable adults: HB 1104, SHB 1104, SB 5042, * SSB 5042, CH 170 (2011)
Unsupervised access to vulnerable adults, employees who will have, allowing background checks by nonprofit organizations: SSB 5703
Unsupervised access to vulnerable adults, employees who will have, allowing consumer reports by consumer reporting agencies: SB 5703
Vulnerable adult and elder referral agencies, regulation: * ESHB 1494, CH 357 (2011)