Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

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Academic freedom and whistleblower protection act: HB 1362, SB 5832
Accountability, responsibility, academic achievement, and opportunity act: HB 1412, SB 5291
Aerospace tax incentive accountability act, preferences and local aerospace jobs: HB 2145, HB 2146
Apple a day act of 2017, student nutrition and equipment assistance grant program: EHB 1551, SB 5708
Balance billing protection act, health care billing by out-of-network providers: HB 1117, HB 2114, ESHB 2114, SB 5619
Balance of powers restoration act, legislative act constitutionality determinations: HB 1072
Bill of rights, academic, concerning free speech and expression on campuses: HB 1362, SB 5832
Business corporation act, revisions and new chapter: * SB 5011, CH 28 (2017)
Campus antiharassment act, within new "academic bill of rights": HB 1362, SB 5832
Campus free expression act, within new "academic bill of rights": HB 1362, SB 5832
Carbon pollution tax and investment act: HB 1555, SB 5127
Carbon reduction and environmental resiliency act, imposing carbon pollution tax: SB 5930
Civil rights act, Washington state, repealing and removing references to: HB 1158
Clean air act, independent remedial actions under, exemptions: SB 5170, SSB 5170, SB 5943
Community prosperity and revitalization act, projects of statewide significance: SB 5621
Consumer protection act, civil actions against labor unions for unfair practices: SB 5174
Consumer protection in eye care act, concerning prescriptions and technologies: HB 1473, SB 5411, SSB 5411
Cost transparency and balance billing protection act, out-of-network health care billing: SB 5579
County and city regulatory sanctuary act, sanctuary from state laws, rules, policies: HB 2178
Credit union act, modifying provisions: HB 1053, * SB 5144, CH 61 (2017)
Death with dignity act, informed decision making, revising provisions to ensure: SB 5433
Denise Chew scooter recovery act, redeeming towed motorcycle/moped, when: HB 2058, * SHB 2058, CH 152 (2017)
DISCLOSE act of 2017, campaign finance disclosure: HB 1807, ESHB 1807, SB 5219
DISCLOSE act of 2018, campaign finance disclosure: SB 5991
Disestablishing paternity act, after genetic testing provides evidence: SB 5461
Doctor of medical science act, physician assistant clinical doctoral program: HB 1771
Eastside corridor congestion relief act, I-405 express toll lanes replacement: HB 1030, SB 5707
Economic revitalization act, economic development within growth management: HB 1525, SB 5790, * SSB 5790, CH 331 (2017) PV
Electronic legal material act, uniform, concerning official electronic records: * SB 5039, CH 106 (2017)
Emergency volunteer health practitioners act, uniform: SB 5990
Employee fair classification act, misclassification as independent contractors: HB 1300, SHB 1300, SB 5527
Employee reproductive choice act, health care coverage and unfair practices: SB 5760
Employment agency act, revising and repealing regulatory provisions: SB 5045
Energy independence act, modifying: HB 1249, HB 1334, HB 1519, * ESB 5128, CH 315 (2017), SB 5918
English language empowerment act, Washington state, official state language: HB 2209
Environmental protection land exchange act, non-urban growth area development: HB 1774
Equal pay opportunity act, equal pay and certain worker communications: SB 5140
Evans family relief act, genetic paternity testing and legal responsibility termination: HB 1306
Fair chance act, employer prematurely asking applicant about criminal record: HB 1298, SHB 1298, SB 5312, ESSB 5312
Fourth amendment protection act, federal agencies collecting electronic data: HB 1193
GED fairness act, high school equivalency certificate test options: SB 5731
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1749
Growth management reform act of 2017, challenges to planning with court review: HB 1224
Guaranteed education tuition dependability act, payout value for tuition units: HB 1955
Healthy Washington act, establishing universal single-payer health care coverage: SB 5957
Heating oil pollution liability protection act, focusing on petroleum storage tanks: HB 1266, * SHB 1266, CH 23 (2017)
Heating oil pollution liability protection act, renaming by deleting "heating oil": HB 1266, * SHB 1266, CH 23 (2017)
Higher education infrastructure act, creating board and program: SSB 5684
Higher education infrastructure investment act, creating board and program: SB 5684
Homeless youth prevention and protection act, modifying information-sharing in: HB 1816, * SHB 1816, CH 277 (2017)
Homeless youth prevention and protection act, revising provisions: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homelessness housing and assistance act, modifications and funding: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Housing for all act of 2017, concerning housing for homeless persons: SB 5903
Housing opportunities act, Washington, housing for the homeless: HB 1570, ESHB 1570
Improving constituent access and representative engagement act, legislator offices: HB 1583
Jennifer and Michella's law, requiring DNA samples from certain offenders: HB 1111, SHB 1111
Joel's law, amending: * 2ESSB 5106, CH 14 (2017)
Keep Washington working act, supporting immigrants in workplace and generally: HB 1985, SB 5689
Land covenant preservation and transparency act, local government land use: * HB 1959, CH 119 (2017)
Lane sharing for safety act, motorcycles between lanes or passing in same lane: HB 1157
Life at conception act, Washington state, right to life beginning at conception: HB 1649
Little toasters act, grant program for public speaking in grades two through five: HB 1254
Locally operated growth management act, local jurisdiction planning processes: HB 1350
Minimum wage act, amending: HB 1301, SB 5528
Minimum wage act, defining "independent contractor" to avoid misclassification: HB 1300, SHB 1300, SB 5527
Model toxics control act, independent remedial actions under, exemptions for: SB 5170, SSB 5170, SB 5943
Natural death act, advance directives, notaries and proof of identity for: HB 1640, SB 5478
Natural death act, entity to manage statewide health care declarations registry: SB 5574
Notarial acts, revised uniform law on, concerning notaries and notarial acts: SB 5081, * SSB 5081, CH 281 (2017)
Pain capable unborn child protection act, concerning abortion restrictions: HB 1775
Parental notification of abortion act: SB 5320
Patient choice restoration act, Washington, individual health insurance market participation: HB 2228
Patient safety act, Washington state, hospital RN staffing practices: HB 1714, * ESHB 1714, CH 249 (2017)
Performance management act, concerning state agency performance: SB 5065, SSB 5065, 2SSB 5065
Physical therapy licensure compact: * HB 1278, CH 108 (2017), SB 5191
Pilotage act, certain vessels exempt from, revising volume limitation for: HB 1905, * SHB 1905 (2017) V
Preservation of liberty act, state, unlawful detention of citizens and resident aliens: HB 2120, SB 5176
Preventing economic disruption act, special allegation of economic disruption: SB 5009
Protection of the rights of religious exercise and conscience from government discrimination act: HB 1178
Responsible representation act, noncharter county district elections: HB 1535
Restore school funding through property tax fairness act of 2017: SB 5948
Rural jobs act, Washington, rural growth fund capital contributions tax credit: HB 1422, SHB 1422, SB 5208, SSB 5208
Safety and access for immigrant victims act: HB 1022, SHB 1022
Securing the future of Washington's state parks bonding act, capital project funds: SB 5838, ESSB 5838
Shoreline management act, independent remedial actions, exemptions for: SB 5170, SSB 5170, SB 5943
Shoreline management act, vegetation removal for wildfire protection: HB 1588
State need grant eligibility expansion act: HB 1841, SB 5476
Statewide tourism marketing act, creating program and marketing authority: HB 1123, SHB 1123, SB 5251, SSB 5251, 2SSB 5251
Student education loan bill of rights, Washington, third-party loan modification: HB 1440, SHB 1440, E2SHB 1440, SB 5210
Student loan transparency act, Washington state, debt information for students: HB 1057, SHB 1057, SB 5022, * SSB 5022, CH 154 (2017)
Student opportunity, assistance, and relief act, concerning education loan debt: HB 1169, SHB 1169, 2SHB 1169
Student sun safety education act, tropical sunscreen at schools/events, permitting: HB 1573, SB 5404, * SSB 5404, CH 186 (2017)
Summer step-up act, early learning and K-12 summer learning: SB 5733
Summer step-up act, social emotional learning throughout calendar year: HB 1518, SHB 1518
Tacoma Narrows bridge toll by coffee act, private enterprises and toll collection: HB 1255
Tax exemption transparency and accountability act: HB 1500, SB 5513
Taxpayer protection act, concerning public contract and contractor performance: HB 1851, ESHB 1851
Textbook affordability via open sourcing act, tax credit: HB 1253
Transfer of public lands act, by U.S. government to state: HB 1103
Travis alert act, person with disability at emergency scene, alerting first responders: HB 1258
Travis alert act, person with disability at emergency scene, alerting responders: * SHB 1258, CH 295 (2017)
Underground utility damage prevention act, removing reference and certain dates: * HB 1064, CH 20 (2017), SB 5091
Uniform money services act, currency exchanges and money transmitters under: HB 1045, SHB 1045, SB 5031, * SSB 5031, CH 30 (2017)
Unlawful dog tethering act of 2017: SB 5424
Voidable transactions act, uniform, formerly uniform fraudulent transfer act: * SB 5085, CH 57 (2017)
Voting rights act of 2017, Washington, equal opportunity for protected classes: HB 1800, HB 1934, SB 5067, SB 5267
Voting rights act of 2018, Washington, equal opportunity for protected classes: SB 6002
Wage recovery act, Washington, establishing wage liens: HB 1486, SHB 1486
Washington academic, innovation, and mentoring (AIM) program act: SB 5258
Washington sovereignty act, right to protest certain federal executive orders: SB 5724
Women helping women act, feminine hygiene product tax revenues to help women: SB 5092
Workforce investment act, updating obsolete references to: HB 1363, * SB 5237, CH 39 (2017)
Young voter registration equality act, preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds: SB 5110
Youth behavioral health protection act, primary care behavioral health integration: SB 5779
Designated disaster areas, creating and financing: HB 2048
Disaster response account, budget stabilization account appropriations deposit: * EHB 2190, CH 29 (2017), HB 2191
Earthquake and tsunami, Cascadia subduction zone, requesting surplus equipment: SJM 8010
Earthquakes and tsunamis, school safety drills for: HB 1279, * SHB 1279, CH 165 (2017)
Earthquakes, public transit operations in the event of: HB 1634
Earthquakes, seismic safety of school buildings, engineering survey for: HB 1703
Property tax, removal of land from current use classification due to natural disaster: EHB 1309, SB 5188, SSB 5188, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Aerial imagery needs assessment study for state and local agencies, DNR role: HB 2108, SB 5824
Aquatic lands, reserves, Cherry Point, commissioner order enlarging, rescinding: SB 5171
Aquatic lands, reserves, DNR establishment or enlargement, requiring legislation: SB 5171
Board of natural resources, role in trust land home site leases transfer to lessees: SB 5315
Burning permits, small forest landowners, streamlining issuance, DNR to analyze: * EHB 1924, CH 253 (2017)
Commissioner of public lands, legal action against state by, requirements: HB 1034
Fish passage barriers, removal, forest practices rules compliance, DNR role: HB 1275, * SHB 1275, CH 241 (2017), SB 5393, ESSB 5393
Forest restoration, state-federal good neighbor agreement demonstration project: HB 1799
Geothermal resources, exploration for, permitting process, DNR role: SB 5470, * ESSB 5470, CH 259 (2017)
Land acquisition, same-county DNR land sale requirement: HB 1008
Land leases, agriculture or grazing, nondefault or early termination provisions: * SSB 5051, CH 56 (2017)
Land leases, agriculture or grazing, nondefault termination provisions: SB 5051
Reserve lands, community and technical college forest reserve, transfers of: * SB 5924, CH 35 (2017) PV
Sediment management demonstration project in Pierce county, department role: HB 1660, SB 5611
Significant actions by DNR, source information identification requirements: SB 5958
Timber sale program, contract harvesting, repealing expiration dates: HB 1407, * SB 5270, CH 64 (2017)
Timber sales, perishable fire-damaged timber on state lands, DNR role: HB 1710
Trust lands, charitable, educational, penal, and reformatory institutions, transfers: * SB 5924, CH 35 (2017) PV
Trust lands, home site leases on, transferring sites to lessees: SB 5315
Urban development areas, DNR-owned property within, inventory of: HB 1752
Wildfires, 2016, appropriations to DNR from budget stabilization account for: * EHB 2190, CH 29 (2017), HB 2191, SB 5895
Wildfires, losses from, forest health assessment and treatment, DNR role: SB 5546, SSB 5546, * 2SSB 5546, CH 95 (2017)
Wildfires, losses from, forest health treatments prioritization policy, DNR role: HB 1711, SHB 1711, * E2SHB 1711, CH 248 (2017)
Wildfires, suppression contractors and equipment owners, DNR recruitment: HB 1489, * ESHB 1489, CH 104 (2017)
Wildfires, suppression methods, use of fire retardants, foams, etc., DNR reporting: SB 5198, * ESSB 5198, CH 319 (2017)
Wildfires, suppression volunteers, effective use of, DNR responsibilities: SB 5199
Broadcasting, radio and television, B&O tax provisions, modifying: HB 2001
Freedom of expression/speech, in student media, including civil action for relief: SB 5064, SSB 5064
Newspapers, B&O tax rate for, correcting effective date: HB 2002, SB 5738
Newspapers, public notice of livestock impounding in: HB 1315, SHB 1315
Newspapers, Wenatchee World, Wilfred R. "Wilf" Woods, celebrating the life of: * SR 8622 (2017)
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2-1-1, Washington information network (WIN), 10th anniversary of, celebrating: * SR 8605 (2017)
Adult family home, persons with developmental disabilities, property tax exemption: HB 1763, SHB 1763
Amusement games, as fund-raising activities, provisions: ESSB 5671
Banquets, nonprofit or charity special liquor permit for: SB 5781, ESSB 5781
Benefit providers, qualified, for workers providing services via contracting agents: HB 2109
Bingo, as fund-raising activity, provisions: ESSB 5671
Bona fide organizations, minimum membership requirement, removing: * HB 1274, CH 133 (2017), SB 5190, SB 5671, ESSB 5671
Charitable organizations, bona fide, minimum membership requirement, removing: SB 5671, ESSB 5671
Charitable organizations, special liquor permit for banquets: SB 5781, ESSB 5781
Civics program for students, responsible participation in government, nonprofits role: SB 5313, SSB 5313
Coal mine lands, certain nonprofit-owned former, property tax exemption, when: HB 1391, SHB 1391
Early childhood education and assistance program, funding, role of nonprofits: * 2SSB 5107, CH 178 (2017)
Early learning programs, funding from community sources, local pathway for: SB 5107, SSB 5107, * 2SSB 5107, CH 178 (2017)
Food distribution organizations, donation of home-prepared foods to: HB 1076, SHB 1076, 2SHB 1076
Fund-raising via gambling activities, modifying process and requirements for: SB 5671, ESSB 5671
Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay targets purchased by, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5557
Homeownership development, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption: HB 1532, SHB 1532, SB 5143, SSB 5143
Hospital bills, discounts via charity care, statement on bills and communications: HB 1359, SB 5231
Hospital bills, discounts, statement on bill statements concerning: ESHB 1359
Housing, affordable, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption for: HB 1750
Liquor licenses, nonprofit special occasion beer, wine, or spirits, provisions: SB 5781
Political campaign contributions and expenditures by nonprofits: HB 1807, ESHB 1807, SB 5219, SB 5991
Raffles, as fund-raising activities, provisions: SB 5671, ESSB 5671
Rural electric cooperatives, cooperative finance organizations B&O tax deduction: HB 1231, SB 5148
Student education loan debt counseling organizations and counselors: HB 1169, SHB 1169, 2SHB 1169
Wages, minimum wage, for adults employed by nonprofit employer: SB 5532
West Seattle helpline, honoring: * SR 8615 (2017)
Wine auction, private with tastings, by nonprofit, special permit for: * HB 1718, CH 250 (2017), SB 5560, SSB 5560
Natural death act, advance directives, notaries and proof of identity for: HB 1640, SB 5478
Notarial acts, revised uniform law on, regulating notarial officers and acts: SB 5081, * SSB 5081, CH 281 (2017)