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SB 6067 - 2011-12

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Suspending and waiving certain court assessments, fines, and penalties.

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History of the Bill

as of Thursday, October 30, 2014 9:06 PM

 Sponsors:Senators Kline, Harper
  Jan 11 First reading, referred to Judiciary. (View Original Bill)
  Jan 31 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary at 10:00 AM.
  Apr 4 By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.
  Apr 11 By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.

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Available Documents
Bill DocumentsBill DigestsBill Reports
Original Bill
Bill Digest
Senate Bill Report (Orig.)
Amendment NameNumSponsorTypeDescriptionAction
1287 AMH APPL FLYN 032340AppletonFloorPg 8 Ln 9ADOPTED 04/18/2013
1287 AMH DAHL FLYN 051460DahlquistFloorPg 8 Ln 9WITHDRAWN 04/18/2013
1287 AMH DAHL H2358.1461DahlquistFloorPg 6 Ln 6WITHDRAWN 04/18/2013
1287 AMH HALE FLYN 025234HalerFloorPg 6 Ln 10WITHDRAWN 04/18/2013
1287 AMH MANW FLYN 046459ManwellerFloorPg 8 Ln 9ADOPTED 04/18/2013
1287.E AMS ERIC S2750.1333EricksenFloorPg 8 Ln 18NOT ADOPTED 04/28/2013
1287.E AMS WM S2747.1WM CmteStrikerADOPTED AS AMENDED 04/28/2013
1287.E AMS FRAS S2748.2335FraserFloorPg 8 Ln 18ADOPTED 04/28/2013
1287-S AMH APPL H4234.1653AppletonFloorStrikerADOPTED 02/14/2014
1287-S AMH HOLY FLYN 104720HolyFloorPg 7 Ln 16FAILED 02/14/2014
1287-S AMH HOLY FLYN 107721HolyFloorPg 7 Ln 16FAILED 02/14/2014
1287-S AMH HOLY H4191.2680HolyFloorPg 7 Ln 13WITHDRAWN 02/14/2014
1287-S AMH HOLY H4194.2681HolyFloorPg 7 Ln 13WITHDRAWN 02/14/2014
1287-S.E AMS PARL S5028.1669ParletteFloorPg 1 Ln 3NOT ADOPTED 03/07/2014
1287-S.E AMS WM S4911.1WM CmteStrikerADOPTED 03/07/2014
1287.E AMH APPL H2591.1497AppletonFloorPg 6 Ln 10
1287.E AMH APPL H2639.1527AppletonFloorStriker
1287.E AMH APPL H2639.2534AppletonFloorStriker

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Jan 31, 2012 Senate Judiciary at 10:00 AM