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HB 2459 - 2003-04

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Making supplemental operating appropriations.

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History of the Bill

as of Friday, October 28, 2016 12:44 PM

 Sponsors:Representatives Sommers, Fromhold, Sehlin
 By Request:Governor Locke
 Companion Bill:SB 6187
  Jan 14 First reading, referred to Appropriations. (View Original Bill)
  Feb 24 APP - Executive action taken by committee.
   APP - Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass. (View 1st Substitute)
   Minority; do not pass.
  Feb 25 Placed on second reading.
   1st substitute bill substituted (APP 04). (View 1st Substitute)
   Floor amendment(s) adopted.
   Rules suspended. Placed on Third Reading.
   Third reading, passed; yeas, 51; nays, 45; absent, 0; excused, 2. (View Roll Calls) (View 1st Engrossed)
  Feb 27 First reading, referred to Ways & Means.
  Mar 11 WM - Majority; do pass with amendment(s).
   Passed to Rules Committee for second reading.
   Placed on second reading by Rules Committee.
   Committee amendment adopted with no other amendments.
   Rules suspended. Placed on Third Reading.
   Third reading, passed; yeas, 34; nays, 15; absent, 0; excused, 0. (View Roll Calls)
   House concurred in Senate amendments.
   Passed final passage; yeas, 84; nays, 12; absent, 0; excused, 2. (View Roll Calls)
   Speaker signed.
   President signed.
   Delivered to Governor. (View Bill as Passed Legislature)
  Apr 1 Governor partially vetoed.
   Chapter 276, 2004 Laws PV. (View Session Law)
   Effective date 4/1/2004.

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Available Documents
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Original Bill
Substitute Bill (APP 04)
Engrossed Substitute
Bill as Passed Legislature
Veto Message
Session Law
Bill Digest
Substitute Bill Digest
House Bill Report
Substitute House Bill Report
Substitute Senate Bill Report
Final Bill Report
Amendment NameNumSponsorTypeDescriptionAction
2459-S AMH ANDG GRAH 0561052AndersonFloorPg 194 Ln 22FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH ANDG GRAH 1011053AndersonFloorPg 149 Ln 21FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH ANDG GRAH 1021054AndersonFloorPg 149 Ln 21WITHDRAWN 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH ANDG GRAH 1041055AndersonFloorPg 118 Ln 11WITHDRAWN 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH ANDG LYND 0231058AndersonFloorPg 14 Ln 32WITHDRAWN 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH BENS HANS 0091057BensonFloorPg 83 Ln 10ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH BUCK PAAT 0211045BuckFloorPg 102 Ln 2ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH CAIR DEAN 0141047CairnesFloorPg 53 Ln 31FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH CLEM GRAH 0581060ClementsFloorPg 152 Ln 36FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH CLEM SKEI 0311043ClementsFloorPg 207 Ln 25FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH CODY PRIN 0261042CodyFloorPg 75 Ln 15ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH CONW REIN 0571059ConwayFloorPg 28 Ln 6ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH MCDE LYND 0241049McDermottFloorPg 74 Ln 32ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH PRIE HOWS 0161044PriestFloorPg 172 Ln 25FAILED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH SANT SKEI 0291046SantosFloorPg 63 Ln 11WITHDRAWN 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH SOMM PRIN 0251050SommersFloorPg 186 Ln 12ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH TALC GRAH 0601051TalcottFloorPg 118 Ln 11ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH TALC GRAH 1031056TalcottFloorPg 150 Ln 26WITHDRAWN 02/25/2004
2459-S AMH UPTH GRAH 0551048UpthegroveFloorPg 116 Ln 20ADOPTED 02/25/2004
2459-S.E AMS WM ARES 013841Kohl-WellesFloorPg 64 Ln 13NOT ADOPTED 03/11/2004
2459-S.E AMS WM S5232.3WM CmteStrikerADOPTED 03/11/2004
2459-S.E AMS BROW MOOR 002842BrownFloorPg 157 Ln 29
2459-S.E AMS KEIS BUSC 007845KeiserFloorPg 78 Ln 11
2459-S.E AMS KOHL GOLD 002843Kohl-WellesFloorPg 179 Ln 9
2459-S.E AMS REGA YOWE 002840RegalaFloorPg 72 Ln 37
2459-S.E AMS SHIN RAMS 023839ShinFloorPg 168 Ln 6

Fiscal Note (Not Available)

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