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Bill NumberDescriptionDate FiledSponsor
HB 1000Increasing the authorized number of days for a temporary vehicle trip permit.12/3/2018Klippert
HB 1001Concerning service contract providers.12/4/2018Kirby
HB 1002Modifying the offense of rape in the third degree.12/4/2018Orwall
HB 1003Siting of marijuana businesses in relation to areas or facilities frequented by children.12/4/2018Klippert
HB 1004Modifying theater license provisions.12/4/2018Ryu
HB 1005Regarding foreclosure and distraint sales of manufactured/mobile or park model homes.12/4/2018Appleton
HB 1006Adopting new requirements for locating underground facilities, including positive response, minimum marking standards, adopting a new process for coordinating large projects, and requiring new and replacement facilities to be locatable.12/4/2018Appleton
HB 1007Concerning dedicated funding for animal shelter capital projects.12/4/2018Appleton
HB 1008Studying the constitutional and statutory obligations and tax revenue capacity of local government entities.12/4/2018Appleton
HB 1009Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures.12/5/2018Dolan
HB 1010Concerning the disposition of forfeited firearms by the Washington state patrol.12/5/2018Senn
HB 1011Adding proximity to working forests to the residential real estate disclosure statement.12/5/2018Reeves
HB 1012Concerning the use of child passenger restraint systems.12/5/2018Bergquist
HB 1013Concerning the Walla Walla watershed management pilot program.12/5/2018Jenkin
HB 1014Concerning financial responsibility of motorcycle operators.12/5/2018Jenkin
HB 1015Concerning actions arising out of real estate appraisal activity.12/5/2018Jenkin
HB 1016Concerning hospital notification of availability of sexual assault evidence kit collection.12/5/2018Caldier
HB 1017Concerning salaries of nonprofit health carriers.12/5/2018Caldier
HB 1018Concerning fair dental insurance practices.12/5/2018Caldier
HB 1019Concerning vaccination and antibody titer test notification.12/5/2018Young
HB 1020Modifying the qualifications of members composing the county road administration board.12/5/2018Eslick
HB 1021Concerning funding the governor's security and protection while traveling outside Washington state for campaign-related or nonstate business purposes.12/5/2018Walsh
HB 1022Prohibiting the creation and maintenance of a database concerning pistol sales or transfers.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1023Allowing certain adult family homes to increase capacity to eight beds.12/6/2018Macri
HB 1024Prohibiting a government database of law abiding owners of legal firearms.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1025Concerning the slaughter of horses and other equines for human consumption.12/6/2018Appleton
HB 1026Concerning breed-based dog regulations.12/6/2018Appleton
HB 1027Modifying quick title service fees.12/6/2018Shea
HB 1028Modifying the types of off-road vehicles subject to local government regulation.12/6/2018Shea
HB 1029Concerning processes and criteria for the consideration of environmental impacts under certain environmental laws.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1030Concerning disciplinary action for state officials and employees who provide false testimony to the legislature.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1031Reducing government imposed obligations associated with bulkhead maintenance or repairs.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1032Concerning amendatory format requirements for text of initiatives.12/6/2018Walsh
HB 1033Concerning relocation assistance for manufactured/mobile home park tenants.12/6/2018Ryu
HB 1034Establishing a soju endorsement to certain restaurant licenses.12/6/2018Ryu
HJM 4000Supporting the continued research, development, production, and application of biochar from our forests and agricultural lands.12/6/2018Shea
SB 5000Concerning online access to health care resources for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.12/3/2018Palumbo
SB 5001Concerning human remains.12/3/2018Pedersen
SB 5002Concerning limited cooperative associations.12/3/2018Pedersen
SB 5003Concerning Washington's business corporation act.12/3/2018Pedersen
SB 5004Allowing animal care and control agencies and nonprofit humane societies to provide additional veterinary services to low-income households.12/3/2018Cleveland
SB 5005Authorizing the issuance of personalized collector vehicle license plates.12/4/2018Takko
SB 5006Allowing the sale of wine by microbrewery license holders.12/4/2018Takko
SB 5007Concerning motorcycle helmet use.12/4/2018Rolfes
SB 5008Concerning short subdivisions.12/4/2018Palumbo
SB 5009Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures.12/4/2018Hunt
SB 5010Concerning protected lands not being assessed local fire district levies.12/6/2018Rolfes
SB 5011Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program.12/7/2018Honeyford
SB 5012Concerning governmental continuity during emergency periods.12/7/2018Takko
SB 5013Concerning the appointment of religious coordinators.12/7/2018McCoy
SB 5014Reducing state assessment requirements to only those required for federal purposes in order to facilitate removal of inequitable barriers to students.12/7/2018McCoy
SB 5015Applying motor vehicle muffler requirements to certain older vehicles.12/7/2018McCoy
SJR 8200Amending the state Constitution to provide governmental continuity during emergency periods resulting from a catastrophic incident.12/7/2018Takko